Wednesday, October 12, 2011

14-Month Facts

Okay, I know I never did this on a regular basis, and I just all of a sudden did this at 14 months, and that might seem weird or lame, but I've come to terms with the fact that there are about a MILLION cute and creative things I should have been doing all along, but there is ONLY SO MUCH I CAN DO, SO QUIT BEATING ME UP OVER MY FAILURES, OKAY? 

Anyway, here is everything I want to remember about my baby when she was 14 months old.

Vital Statistics: 
Height and weight: ummm, unsure. When she had her 12-month visit on her birthday, apparently all I wrote down was that she was in the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. I am slacking. 
Hair: long enough for a BRAID!

Teeth: Not a ton new in the past few months, since the molars are giving her trouble. One molar has broken through, but the rest are malingering.

Schedule: Up at 8 AM, breakfast, playtime, lunch at noon, nap at 1 PM (on a good day, the nap lasts until FOUR PM!!; on a bad day ... let's not talk about that), small snack after nap, walk with dad and Cleo, dinner at 6 PM, playtime, bath and books with dad from 7:30-8, then BED. She still wakes up at least once a night wanting food or comfort, and since she has been working on those freakin' molars, sometimes a lot more. The worst is when she just lays in her crib crying "mamamamamama." Geez, just stab me in the heart and get it over with already.

Language Skills: Dada, daddy, mama, ma, wow, whoa, go, hi, dat, bah, bay, baby, bee

Large Motor Skills: Right on track. Walking, running, fantastic squatting and balancing tricks, and lifting weights (I'm not kidding -- she came across a set of three pound weights and just picked one up in each hand and lifted them over her head).

Fine Motor Skills: Can stack and un-stack tower of Measure Up cups with careful precision, unscrew a bottle of nailpolish, press teeny-tiny buttons, and pick up a single tiny crumb.

Food: She eats absolutely anything we give her, except cooked spinach not hidden in something (I think she dislikes the texture, because she will eat it when mixed in other foods). Her current favorites are cottage cheese (she would eat an entire container at every meal if we let her), beans (of any variety), pizza crust (I know, I know, but she's ITALIAN, I had to give her pizza!), avocado, cheese, raw carrot, whole apples (an apple cut into pieces will be THROWN TO THE FLOOR, because big girls eat whole apples), hardboiled eggs, and almond milk.

Newest Tricks: Is a CHAMP at drinking from a straw sippy cup, walks like she never DIDN'T know how to, nods head or shakes head in response to questions, uses a spoon (kind of)

Favorite toys: Hepink octopus (thanks, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jess!), measure up cups (thanks, Grandma!), barn that makes animal sounds (thanks again, Grandma!), Little People dollhouse (thanks, Aunt Lisa!), Busy Ball Popper (thanks Uncle Kevin and Aunt Ashley!), anything that is expensive and not a toy (mom's phone, mom's camera, the DVD player, etc.), ice cubes.

Likes: CONSTANT MOTION, shouting, smiling, laughing, baths, other people sneezing or coughing, dad getting hurt, spying on other people in restaurants (she got that from me, but is going to have to learn to be more subtle about it), walking around wearing her backpack (Thanks, Great Aunt Betty!), "playing" with her cat and dog, laying head on cat like a pillow, playing "pirate ship" with dad, Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba!, GLEE, playing in the refrigerator, Elmo, eating, music, dancing

Dislikes: Diaper changes, clothing changes, clothes in general, the word "no," sleep, safety gates, wearing shoes, not being allowed to run willy nilly around stores and into streets

Least Adorable Josie Qualities: Diaper-change thrashing and screaming, Being rough with the cat and then looking shocked when he gets pissed

Okay, that's actually kind of cute, too ...

Most Adorable Josie Qualities: When she's happy, which is about 98% of the time, she is the happiest kid on the planet: big smiles, big laughs, sweet sweet sweetness. She snuggles and hugs and kisses, always waves hello and good-bye. She is smart as a freakin' whip, and is a people-person: she loves interacting with people, no matter the age. Her "happy screams," and looking exactly like her daddy. :)

People swore that even though I would miss the baby phase terribly, I would love the "big girl" phase just as much, and I really wasn't sure that would be possible. I guess they were right. I miss having that little Bean in my arms, but I sure do love this big girl.

Well, now that I am sobbing uncontrollably, I better sign off. This kid is the best, is she not?


  1. Ha. She is clearly the best [you know, level for me with my own little awesomeness-monsters]. And the thing about the weights/dumbbells? Isn't that awesome? That moment when you realize they are raising them up, RIGHT OVER THIER HEAD. And you have to fight the urge to wanna puke first as you hurdle toward them, just praying they don't drop 'em before you reach them? Ahhh, good times. As always, you crack me up.

  2. Luckily, she was with Jeremy when it happened. :D

    Thanks, mama.


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