Friday, October 14, 2011

Design on a Dime!

Remember how Josephine thought our blue and brown bedding was lacking a certain amount of hot pink? I was hopeful that I would be able to get the nail polish out of the fabric, because after googling "how to get nail polish out of fabric" and reading article after enthusiastic article about how "simple!" it was, I followed their directions, and, like one author chirped, "The stain is completely gone!"

We don't have the scratch to immediately replace our king-size bedding with something worth buying (if I buy new bedding, it better make me swoon, not just be an ugly placeholder), and seriously, these days it's not like we will EVER have extra money sitting around that we don't have anything to do with. I just cannot see myself saying, "Wow! We have like hundreds of dollars and NOTHING to spend it on! Our savings is full, all of our Christmas presents have been purchased, Josephine has TOO MANY clothes/shoes/cloth diapers/books/toys, everything in our house is in working order, there is no room for more groceries in our house, I am sick to death of buying myself pretty things, the car is in tip-top shape, and I own every piece of fabric in the world! What do we do with this money?!?!" If you have this problem, just shut up now and never speak to me again.

Also, it might take me a while to settle on new bedding once I am actually willing to pay for it, so I need a solution. You know those bedrooms you see with stuff all over the beds?

Adorbs, right? (If you actually think this is cute, you might want to skip the rest of this post.)

Well, I thought to myself, we have stuff all OVER this house we can use to decorate the bed!

THEME 1: Zen!

THEME 2: Nautical!

THEME 3: We read to our child!

THEME 4: Sports!

THEME 5: What's for dinner?!

I'd love to hear your vote for favorite, although I am rather partial to one (hint: it involves potatoes).

Also, on a serious note, I think I am looking for something in this vein:

Pinned Image

It doesn't have to look exactly like this, but these curtains certainly do make me swoon. If you have suggestions, PLEASE DO leave them! I will love you forever if you do!


The Martha Stewart of Lansing



  1. Love the Mackinac Island ship

  2. Did you try oxiclean? I got nail polish almost out of carpet with that and a tide to go stick.

  3. What about just sewing a cover for it temporarily? Just the fabric to cover it would be way less than a whole new set!

  4. Kristina -- I just had a situation where oxiclean destroyed three pairs of Josephine's pants. Soo ... not a fan.

  5. Lisa -- Yeah, but that would mean I would have to have access to a fabric store that actually sells bolts of fabric that wide, and, unfortunately, I do not. This is why I only sew for my daughter and not my own large frame. :)


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