Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's DO This!

Progress on the "Projects for Baby X" front! Josie and my mom and I went fabric shopping on Wednesday and happened upon a sale on flannel at Joann Fabric (Holla!). Check out this haul!

I think I'll use both of these to make the swaddle blankets. (both $2.99 a yard, one yard each). My mom was confused as to why I wouldn't just use a receiving blanket to swaddle, and I tried to explain how Houdini-like Josie was, shirking the swaddle after three days, and how this would hopefully solve that problem. My mom said, "Oh, so this blanket will be more like a ... straight jacket?" Well, I guess so.). This project also calls for 2 $2 packages of bias tape, so I should be able to make a swaddle blanket for $7 instead of buying one for $30.

I thought this one was bright and fun ($2.99 a yard, one yard), and I only need one yard to make the nursing cover, so I think I will use this for that project. I still need to buy a piece of boning (should be about 3 bucks) and I have the D-rings, so I should be able to make it a $6 project! If it comes out right, I will be pretty proud since the ones I have seen retail at $25-50!

And this one (also $2.99 a yard, one yard) was too adorable to resist. I might make a receiving blanket or a handful of burp rags out of this.

 I bought 3 yards of this fabric because I originally thought I would use this for both sides of the carseat canopy and then maybe also make a receiving blanket. Unfortunately, when I got home and looked at the receipt, I realized it did not ring up on sale, and was MUCH more than the $2.99 a yard I thought it was. Not like "Oops, I just paid $30 a yard for fabric" expensive, but it totally negated the purpose of making the carseat canopy instead of just buying something for the same price and skipping the effort of construction. So, unfortunately, I had to take this back. Sad. It was cute, but not THAT cute.

So, on Thursday, I headed out to Hobby Lobby and found this to take its place. Something about the elephants and turtles and birds got me ($5.99 a yard, one yard), and I got a simple pink cotton for the reverse side ($2.99 a yard, one yard). So, with the velcro ($2), the carseat canopy will come in at $10. Pretty good!

Then, I looked at my big girl in the cart and thought, what about her?! So we got some fabric for big girl projects. :)

 I'm always on the lookout for reasonably priced jersey fabric in nice colors and prints, because they make great "play dresses." I have two relatively simple designs in mind for these prints. I picked out the pink zebra, and Josie approved, and Josie picked out the polka dots. She kept touching it and saying "WOW!" (both $5.99 a yard, one yard each)

Then, we happened across this in the sale fleece ($7.99 a yard, one yard), and Josie grabbed it, buried her face in it, and kept whispering "I love you" to the fabric. Okay ... try saying no to that. I asked her if she wanted a new monkey blanky and she said "YES! YES! YES!" and gave me her "please face" -- big smile, eyes squinted shut, while saying "puh-leeeeeeaaaaaase."
I don't think anybody NEEDS a fleece blanket in a Michigan summer, but I plan to quickly square off the edges, fold them under, give them a quick seam and call it a day. She carried the thing around with her all day Thursday, so she's pleased with her purchase, even in its raw state!

There was one problem with our Hobby Lobby run ... the lady at the cutting counter said, "Oh, these prints are so pretty! You should make MATCHING DRESSES for little sister!"

And my head exploded. Twice. The first explosion was at the realization of HOW ADORABLE THAT WILL BE. The second was at the realization that I will probably be spending the rest of my life in pursuit of buying and making matching outfits for these children. I will never again be able to make an outfit for one without thinking "Now where will I find a few more hours to make a matching outfit?"


Also, sorry daughters. 


  1. Is the swaddle a miracle-blanket-style swaddle? If so, can you linkt ot he pattern (or tell me what make and number it is)? I too would rather make a $7 one than buy another for $30 the next time I need one.

    1. Here is it! I'm going to try this one I mentioned the other day in my list of a million projects for Baby X!

    2. Thanks! I am waaay backlogged on my google reader so I didn't see the first post till just now. Oops!

    3. Ha ha! No problemo! I mean, I GUESS it's okay ... :)

  2. AHHH!! Love your fabric choices! It was really frustrating for me to find "little boy" fabric that I liked. Everything was too...babyish for me. So I wound up getting plaids and striped fabric that are rustic and countryish and wound up pleased in the end. It seems so much easier to get cute fabric for little gals! Good luck with your projects! I'm excited to see them! :)

    1. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the stuff they have for little boys either. I found one dinosaur fabric I adored, but the rest was very uninspiring! But stripes and plaids always work -- very classic! Hopefully I will actually have projects to show you soon!

  3. hahaha at the matching outfit compulsion. Too cute.

    1. I know. I don't know why it didn't hit me sooner, but now .... poor babies.

  4. oh Veronica, don't make them match. do you remember the family from church who had two little girls with matching haircuts and matching dresses every week? I made fun of them in my head so hard, even when I was like 7 years old.


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