Friday, May 18, 2012

When she's older, she'll find a way to blame this all on me

I've got this problem. I'm having a hard time taking a good picture of my beautiful daughter.

NO, I assume you're shouting at the computer. Impossible! Having a hard time taking a picture of this gorgeous little angel? Come on!

Well, I assure you, it is like herding cats lately for one particular reason: She figured out that she can see pictures of herself on the display of the camera or cell phone. As soon as she sees the camera or the phone, she screams BABY!!!!!!!, reaches for the camera/phone, and cries and flails and freaks until she either gets it, or I say no and she melts into a puddle on the floor, so inconsolable that she will clearly NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN, MOM!

Guess why I say "no"? Because just holding the electronic device nicely and looking at the picture is not on her agenda. No. She would prefer to push buttons, smash things, touch lenses, change settings, and basically destroy everything possible in 2.1 seconds. And she can't just look at the picture on a device an adult is holding. No. She must be touching. And destroying. So I say no.

Therefore, we have a lot of pictures like this:

And THIS, if I dare tell her "no":

The photos albums for these few months of her life are going to be a little *ahem* sparse. It's a shame. Josephine would tell you it's a crying shame. I assume you all agree. 


  1. I love this little diva. She is too hilarious.

  2. I do the same thing about my boyfriend's cellphone when he's playing tetris and he won't give me a turn to KICK HIS ASS.

  3. Get an ancient phone or ipod that has been abandoned by its owners as out-of-date. Give it to Josie. She can ALWAYS have have her device, never yours. If you keep it charged, she can mess around to her heart's content, but will learn not to reach for yours. Most of the time...

  4. She's just practicing her talk-to-the-hand gestures for when the paparazzi start trailing her.


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