Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm OPEN, Is What I'm Really Saying

Okay, so apparently I left you with a terrible cliffhanger yesterday (according to some! ;)), and I'm actually not going to give you any details, because that would involve the use of many words and references to my body parts that some might find unappealing. Plus, I'm trying not to think of those details much. To sum it all up, I am on modified bed rest (under the threat of "real" bed rest or a hospital stay) to avoid preterm labor. It is not ideal, but it could be much, much worse, so I am trying to keep things in perspective. If you want more deets because you are family, going through something similar, or are just nosy, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and we can chat about it.

So, "bed rest." I have not enjoyed it, mainly because Josephine has not enjoyed it. She dealt with it rather well yesterday, but this morning after breakfast, she sat on the stair she always sits on when we put on her shoes. She kept asking for her shoes over and over, in an increasingly confused voice, until I told her we couldn't go anywhere today. In response, she put her hands over her face and sobbed. 

It was at this moment of having my heart scraped out of my chest and stomped to bits that I thought, "I could really go for a Sister Wife right now." 

Seriously. I am 100% on board. Give me a Sister Wife, and while I sit on the couch and feel guilty, she could entertain my kid, do the laundry, and start dinner. Also, we are out of Josie's almond milk, so she could grab that for me, right? Thanks, Sis Wife.

Except, maybe this woman could, like, not actually be married to my husband? And, you know, not be in love with him or have sex with him or anything. TOTALLY still open to the Sister Wife idea, but I would just change those tiny things.

Maybe you're saying right now, "What you want is a nanny, Veronica." No. A nanny is an employee. I want a live-in bestie who will care for my child like her own but NOT require any payment or compensation of any kind and has no family or concerns of her own to deal with. Also, hands off my husband.

So, consider this a classifieds ad, will you? Live in friendship, help, child-rearing, housekeeping, and errand-running needed. 

If you know anybody, just pass this along, will ya?


  1. Awww poor thing! I died a little just reading that part!

    I just had an abdominal surgery & have been on bed rest for 12 days!! Pure torture. I couldn't imagine having a little one stuck inside with me.

    Good luck with your search & everything else lol

    1. Ha ha, thanks Nicole! I'll keep you updated on the search.

      And good luck to you as you recuperate from surgery!!

  2. Well POOP!! That really is a big bummer and made even worse with another little one running around! I hope you can take it easy (as hard and annoying as that may be) so that sweet little baby stays cooking. I know how scary that can be. UGH! I'm sorry. :( It would be ideal if you had a friend or family member that could come get Josephine out of the house a few times a week, even if it were just for a walk. Cabin fever sucks big time! Thinking of you!!


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