Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Now We're Back to Watching Lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

My mom read my plea for a Sister Wife and come over Monday and Tuesday. In that time she helped with the munchkin AND helped me with a big (secret, for now) sewing project that I was stressing over. I was kind of hoping she would also potty-train Josephine while she was at it. Alas, that was not in the cards.

On both of those days, my cousin also brought her little girl over to play with Josephine. 

On Monday morning I relaxed in my bed (ALONE!) for 45 minutes while a storm raged through open windows (amazing), then I heard Josephine calling my name and went back downstairs. But it was AWESOME. Then the little girls played dress-up, scattered every single toy we own throughout the living room, and stole each other's snacks. I'd consider that a pretty successful day.

Tuesday was supposed to be as hot as the dickens, so my mom and I set up the two pools, put up a big canopy my mom lent us, and put out lots of different traps to keep the bees/wasps/yellow jackets/whatever they are away from the babies. They love the water and the fact that half of our yard is wild strawberries. After we put out all the the homemade traps, the number decreased greatly, but there were still a few flying around. If you have any tips, I would LOVE them, because we are going to have to spend a lot of time in that backyard this summer. We did notice that they were more attracted to the little pool that was in the sun, so we will put both under the canopy in the future, and when I dumped out the little pool and refilled it, TONS swarmed the wet grass. If that gives you clues with what we are dealing with and can now better help us get rid of the dang things, please let me know!

Anyway, the kids didn't care about all the flying yellow and black bugs, and Josephine stayed in that pool for two and a half hours, until we pulled her out kicking and screaming to go to dinner.

Today is another hot one, so Josie and I are sitting by the air conditioner this morning. I have to work later tonight, so I am saving up all my energy for driving and the (minimal) walking I will have to do when I get there, so the kid is back to boring mom doing nothing, but hopefully she will survive. Oh, I also have about a million dirty diapers to wash ... crap. (pun!) What a fun-filled day we have ahead of us! :)

A special thanks to my two temporary Sister Wives! Too bad you have lives to return to, because you guys rock! :)


  1. Awww! So glad your mom and cousin were able to come over and spend time with you two and help out! Your cousin's daughter is sooooooo stinkin' cute!!

    We have a big issue with bees/wasps as well. My kids are terrified and won't step outside without my husband or I out of fear. Anthony's already gotten stung twice. Poor boy. They are definitely searching for water. We've had luck with a bucket filled with water with bacon slabs on top. The water and bacon attracts them but then the bacon grease weighs them down and they drown. I know it's kinda gross though to have a bucket with bacon in it in your yard, lol. I say just keep your pool covered with a canopy (I got one of those cirle bed nets and rig it up over the kiddie pool) and always have a fly swatter in hand. Wasp traps don't seem to work for us, I'm not sure why. Good luck!

    Excited to hear about your secret sewing project!

  2. Okay. That picture of Josie shoving food in her face while her little friend is watching and looking concerned/unimpressed? That picture is the best.

  3. Well, if you had mentioned the potty training, I'm sure we could have fit it in... Too bad I had appointments today, or she would have been completely trained AND doing her own laundry!


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