Monday, June 25, 2012

Updates Galore

I finally had the doctor's appointment I have been nerved up about for the past two weeks since my doctor told me to do the whole bed rest thing to prevent pre-term labor. Remember how exciting and not at all freaky that day was? Yeah, me too.

Thankfully, this week was much better. First of all, I didn't have to wait TWO HOURS (hallelujah!). Then, the doctor checked me all out, and there was good news. The baby's heartbeat was 156 (excellent!), my blood pressure was 110/70 (bravo!), and I was measuring one week ahead (expected!). Thankfully, the problems I was having two weeks ago are looking exactly the same; that, coupled with the fact that I have been able to keep my contractions in check over the past two weeks, leads us to believe that my child is just being snotty and NOT, in fact, making a break for it. So, BIG RELIEF, OBVIOUSLY. The doctor said I should have no worries unless the contractions come back regularly, so that works for me. I still have to take it very easy (boo!), but I will definitely do the best I can.

Last week we did have one contraction drama, where it reached the "call-the-doctor" point of minute-long contractions every five minutes for an hour, but I told Jeremy, "NO. I can do this. Give me five minutes." I did more deep breathing, got Jeremy to rub my lower back, and FOCUSED, and damn if I haven't had a contraction since then. BOOM. Contractions roasted.

In other baby news, Jeremy broke the bad news to me this morning that I was looking "pretty freaking pregnant." Since I have been doing that whole "looking in the mirror" thing, I was already aware of it, but you might not be, since I never take pictures anymore.

Here is me, looking "pretty freaking pregnant":

In other-other baby news, Josephine was a flower girl in a family wedding this weekend (SQUEE! and also GAH!), and she was adorable yet exhausting, but ... I am officially that person. I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE PICTURE OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE.

I took my camera, took a million pictures of Josephine before she walked down the aisle, then took a few pictures of the bride and groom, realized the reason my pictures were coming out so crappy was the battery was dying, then I SET MY CAMERA DOWN AT THE CHURCH AND LEFT IT THERE. 


"Hey Josephine, remember that time you were the flowergirl in Uncle Luke's wedding?"
"No, MOM, because I wasn't even two and you didn't take any pictures."

Well, at least she made it all the way down the aisle. Hopefully there will be pictures I can steal from other people and then I will do a whole big recap, because I KNOW you are dying for that, am I right? I knew it.

And there you have it. Consider yourself updated.


  1. You are so gorgeous pregnant! I hope I can look that good some day. And I have no pictures from when I was a flower girl in my aunt and uncle's wedding when I was about 3... so don't feel bad.

    1. Oh, you're too sweet! But that's so sad about no pictures! It was a sad time, back then before digital cameras and facebook. Sigh. Memories lost forever.

  2. You look fantastic! Glad to hear you got some good news from the (on time) doc! And I wouldn't worry about not having pictures...I felt like everyone snapped pictures of the flower girl at our wedding. Just steal them once they appear on Facebook :)

    1. Oh, stop it!
      I certainly hope they did, because the photographer didn't really take any of her and she wasn't in any of the group shots, so I am depending on the kindness of everyone else at the wedding!

  3. First of all, you look stunning as usual.

    Second of all, Jeremy saying you look "pretty freaking pregnant" is hilarious.

    Such a guy.

    1. You are a liar just like all the rest of them ... but I love it. Thanks.

      And yeah, he is a funny guy. Pretty much why we hang out all the time. That and having a kid together and being married and all that. But mostly because I think he's funny.


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