Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh Look, Another Halloween Re-Cap!

Oh, you didn't log onto the facebook and see every child in the world in costume already? Good! Because I have pictures of MY children in costumes for you to gaze upon! You lucky so-and-sos!

I kept Josephine and Genevieve's costumes a secret because ... hmm. Well, I guess I assumed the facebook, twitter, and blogger communities were waiting with bated breath and keeping it a secret would increase interest? Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, here's some cleverly cropped images (Josephine on left, Genevieve on right). Guesses?

I guess if I really wanted you to guess, I would have posted this a few days ago. I'll just assume you all guessed before scrolling any further. 

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!!!

Josephine was ....

MINNIE! Of course. She lost her mind when I showed her the costume. Minnie is her favorite gal pal ever.

And Genevieve was ....

A LOBSTER! Because why not, am I right? I've never seen a cuter lobster, personally.

Both of the girls are still pretty sick and neither really slept all day, so it was ... interesting  to say the least. Josephine mostly stormed around, refused to pose for pictures or wear her ears, and was always moments away from collapsing into a puddle on the floor. Thankfully my mom caught the photo above, because most of my pictures of her look like this:

And Genevieve mostly fussed and cried. My poor girls.

But we perservered! It is Halloween! We must go on!! 

We had a full evening. First, my parents came over and brought us dinner (love them) and helped get the girls ready.

We put Genevieve in a pot (wouldn't you?), not realizing the toddler in the room would demand justice and also be allowed to get in the pot.

 "I did not ask to be born into this family."

 "How come SHE gets to be in a pot???"



She didn't get out until we pulled her out screaming to move on to our next destination. Good times.

Next we went to see Jeremy's parents. Josie tasted candy, fell in love with handing out candy to other trick-or-treaters (she was shouting "Wait! Come back!" as they left and "More Halloween!" after they were gone), and went a little sugar-crazy. Genevieve fussed and cried, was rocked to sleep by Granny, then fussed and cried some more.

Next up was Great Gran's where many aunts and uncles and cousins also congregated. Josephine played with her cousin Harrison in the other room (OH MY GOD, she's old enough to run around with kids and not be followed constantly. HALLELUJAH!!!) while Jeremy stood and bounced the baby to keep her from bellowing. 

Josephine did not want to leave, and we stayed up much too late. Today has been ... a DAY ... due to her late-night shenanigans last night. But look at those Halloween faces. You'd let them stay up late, too, wouldn't you? 

Sure, Genevieve looks a bit skeptical, but Josephine sure was excited for what will likely be the first Halloween she really remembers. I hope she has many good memories of this day! 

Now, on with the "Things I am Thankful For" posts and Christmas Craft tutorials! Until next year, Halloween!


  1. That lobster costume is adorable and Josie is the cutest Minnie :) I can't wait to dress kids up for the holidays. Next year!

  2. The picture of Genevieve in the lobster costume in the bucket? I die. ADORABLE.

  3. Both of them look like they were made for those costumes! I love that Josephine "lost her mind" when she saw the Minnie dress. I remember being like that. It was last week.

    BTW- You and Jeremy totally look just like your parents. Good looking genes!

    1. Yes she gets her over-the-topness from me. :)

      And thank you; what a nice compliment!

  4. Oh my gosh, cuties!!!! And I love the photo of Genevieve sleeping in her grandma's arms. I LOVE it when little ones slump over like that....they always look sooooooooo cute. Glad to hear you all had such a great Halloween!! :)


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