Friday, November 2, 2012

Ten Things

ONE: It has been ALL MINNIE, ALL THE TIME since Halloween. Seriously. 

She finally allowed me to put tights on her today, because she was running around with bare legs and feet. Come on, kid, you've still got three days of this course of antibiotics left!

TWO: Josephine really seems to like grabbing the rail on the side of her bed and shaking it as hard as she can. We're not fans. Yesterday when she did it, Jeremy told me said, "Hey! Look! There's a squirrel outside in the tree!" to distract her. I tried it today. 

Worked like a charm.

THREE: I was letting Josie watch "movies" on youtube while she sat on my lap and I was chatting with Jeremy on gchat, when all of a sudden, she thought it might be a good idea to SPIT OUT AN ENTIRE MOUTHFUL OF WATER ONTO MY KEYBOARD. It was not. It was not a good idea.

Most of it landed on the mousepad, and at first it didn't work at all. Now it works intermittently  but will do crazy things like having one of the buttons stick so it's selecting everything or turning things bold in the middle of what I'm typing or moving my cursor all over the dang place and I don't notice I'm typing in the middle of another sentence. This paragraph took me like five minutes to type. So, yeah. 

FOUR: Genevieve has FINALLY gotten to the point where she likes sitting in things, like her swing. The problem is, Josephine likes the swing, too. She likes getting in it and pushing Genevieve in it. Neither of these are ideal. 

Sure, I was able to take a picture and then take a walk down memory lane. That's all well and good. But otherwise, having Josephine jump out of her seat at dinner and whack the swing as hard as she can before we catch her? Not loving it. 

FIVE: So, today at lunch I put the swing up on the table to see if being able to see her sister at eye level (and hear the music -- the wretched, wretched music that it plays and Josephine LOVES) it might make her less inclined to whack at her. 

It did! Go ahead and call CPS, because I was standing right there. We all had a dance party while Josephine ate and Genevieve enjoyed some nice swing time.

SIX: I'm aware that I could just be wearing the baby to keep her out of harm's way. I've been doing that. Actually, I've been holding or wearing the baby about 20 out of 24 hours in any given day. Mostly because she likes it and she's still got a few days left of the sweet "you can't cuddle them TOO much" younger-than-three-months period, so I've been snuggling AND protecting her. 

But, MY GOD does my back hurt, and there's only so much you can get done if you're holding or wearing a baby all day. PLUS, Genevieve likes the Bjorn in theory, but after she's in there for a little while, she gets hot, and that leads to a screaming baby covered in hives. We don't like that. So I am SO HAPPY she likes the swing now, but I can't just leave her there. She needs a frickin' moat around her or something.

SEVEN: Same thing with the poor kid's bedroom. She has mostly been sleeping upstairs with us or in my arms, but during the day, I have been putting her in her crib in her (not-yet-completed) nursery more and more to get her better at daytime napping. While she has been a champ, Josephine always finds a way to wake her up. If I close the door, she bangs on it over and over, hoping I will open it (or maybe she is trying to break it down??), which, of course, wakes up the baby. If I leave the door open a crack, she just runs in there and jams her arm between the slats, yelling "BABY! BABY! BABY SISTER! BABY GENEVIEVE! SHE AWAKE!!!"

Yeah, she's awake now, kid. Thanks for all your "help." You've gotta love her enthusiasm, though.

EIGHT: Josie is obsessed with peanut butter. And she calls it ... wait for it ... peany butter. I will be so sad when she stops calling it that.

Peanut butter on a tortilla. YUM.

NINE: Josephine has always been SO GOOD about taking medicine. She even calls it "num nums" and asks for more. Suddenly, with only three days left of these HUGE doses of Amoxicilin, she decides today that there will be "NO NUM NUMS!" This morning she threw herself on the floor facedown to escape, and when I tried at lunch she pulled this maneuver. 

Don't worry, I got her to take it. It wasn't pretty, and it involved bribery, but at least it didn't involve force. (Plus, the bribery was just "I'll give you more peany butter if you take your num um."). 

But seriously, what it that all about? Last night she said "YUM!" and asked for more, and this morning she says "NEVER AGAIN!" Kids, man.

TEN: This is what happens if I dare try to take a 3-minute shower while Josephine is awake:

Jeremy said, "Wow, that's pretty locker room. Is she hazing you?"



She hasn't seen Home Alone yet, so I know she's not going all "Wet Bandit" on me. 

And there you have it. Ten things you otherwise could not have gone on living without knowing.

YOU'RE WELCOME, and happy Friday.

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  1. Haha, I love Jeremy's comment about what Josie did to your towel!

    Also wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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