Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Book Collection

Something my mom did when I was little and I just loved was she always packed seasonal books away, only bringing them out in the weeks leading up to said holiday. She did this for Halloween, Easter, and, most notably, Christmas. It was so exciting to see the clear vinyl bag with blue plastic handles make its way out of the attic and next to the tree. Every year we would sort through them, shouting, "Oh yeah! This one! And this one! And this one's my favorite!" Such a good idea.

Therefore, I had to get in on the fun, too. We don't have a ton yet, as I just started getting serious about it this year, but I got very proud the other day when the box I decorated got filled to capacity with the addition of a few new ones I bought (and three library books, if I'm being honest).


In continuing with the spirit of Josephine's Books (I have a LOT of updating to do on that list. I'll do it soon, I swear!), I would love to show you the collection as it stands and ask for your recommendations! Which Christmas books MUST we add to our collection? (links to books I could find for purchase online)


Merry Christmas: A Sparkle 'n' Shimmer Book, The Care Bears' Night Before Christmas (from my childhood), Winnie the Pooh's Sweet Christmas, Winnie the Pooh's Twelve Days of Christmas, Clifford's First Christmas(ours is a boardbook),
, Jingle Bells (A Little Golden Book, from my childhood)


My First Night Before Christmas: A Touch & Feel & Sparkle Book
The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook) (from my childhood! Still has scratch n sniff smells left!)
, Garfield's Night Before Christmas (from my childhood)The Twelve Days of Christmas in Michigan


How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Santa Claus: The Legend of Santa Claus (from my childhood! Remember the movie? It's on Netflix Instant Play!), Merry Christmas, Curious George


Little Christmas Elf (from my childhood), O Little Town of Bethlehem: A Pageant of Lights (otherwise known as Josie's "new good favorite best book." Can't find it online, but has been spotted at Meijer [smaller size] and Sam's Club), Merry Christmas, Splat (I just bought this one the other day, and she is ALL ABOUT IT. We have read it about ten times today.)


The Night Before Christmas (sorry, just couldn't wade through the 25,000+ versions of this on Amazon and Barnes&Noble to find this exact one. It's a good one though. Jeremy labored over it, wanting to get the "perfect one." This one is very perfect.), Buon Natale, piccolo Gesu! (My mother bought this in Italy last year.)

And ... here's where I horrify some of you:

The Zombie Night Before Christmas

Josie hasn't found it yet. It's more for Jeremy and I, obviously, but it's a Christmas book, so in the box it goes! I must have SOME order.

Okay, so which Christmas books are your favorites? Which do you love to read to your favorite little people? Which do you remember from childhood? What should I add to the list so I can get a new, bigger box next year and fill it up?


  1. Oh! I LOVED the "Sweet Smell of Christmas" when I was younger TOO! I added it to our Christmas bin this year and Ezra loves it too. We pick our favorite scents each time we read it. : )

  2. Oh man. We have "The Bird in Santa's Beard" which explains why you see so many "Santa's" at the mall and wherever, so it's great. We also have "Are you Grumpy, Santa Claus?" and it's a super fun read. The kids love that one all year. We also have "The Christmas Hat" about a little snowy owl and his Christmas hat, I like that one. :)

  3. Your mom is awesome. You're awesome too. I picture Josephine and Genevieve doing this for their children. What a wonderful tradition you have.

    My kiddo's favorite Christmas book is The Little Golden Book "Santa's Toy Shop." My mother also just picked up a Peanuts one that plays music. I can't seem to pry it out of Molly's hands! Happy reading! ;)


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