Monday, December 17, 2012

Sponsored Post: P&G eStore

I signed the contract to write this post before the events in Connecticut took place. I thought I would be writing about that this morning, but in all honesty, I am glad for a little distraction and breathing room. If I decide to talk about Connecticut, I think I need a few more days to decide what to say. Thanks for understanding.

I have a story to tell you, and I hope you don't think less of me when I admit this: It was only recently that I learned/realized that you could buy things like detergent, toilet paper, and diapers online.


Someone on Twitter mentioned buying toilet paper online, and I think I actually heard a record scratching somewhere in the distance. Saving money, you say? Not getting out of my comfy pants, you say? Yes and please.

I was immediately taken back to an episode of Sesame Street in which someone has groceries delivered to his/her house (Groceries! Delivered! To your house!). I asked my mom if we could do that, and she said something to the effect of only rich people in big cities being able to do that. Sigh. Now I know a few of those rich people in big cities who have groceries delivered every week, and I envy them, big time.

When BlogHer let me know about the new P&G eStore, it was like the glamour of having groceries delivered on Sesame Street combined with my need for coupons and savings -- now you can buy the products you love (and need all the time), get great deals, and have it shipped to your door (for free!).

Here are the major perks of shopping at the P&G eStore to buy your favorite Proctor&Gamble products:
  • 15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
  • Free Shipping on orders over $25
  • Free Samples with every order
Not too shabby, right? I say, if you're going to buy it anyway, and you can get it delivered to your front door (with freebies!) instead of going out and getting it from the store, then why not?

I was given a list of great deals to peruse before writing this post, and let me tell you, the product I gravitated toward is very telling of my lifestyle at the moment. I skimmed past all the beauty products and got excited about ... batteries.

Yes, batteries! A deal on batteries is my dream come true at the moment! I clip coupons even to save 50 cents when purchasing TWO huge packs, so if I can get a deal on batteries, can I get a hell yeah?

Here are a few of the links to check out the great deals on batteries:

They even have a Duracell/Pampers bundle! The two things I always need! (Yes, both of the girls are taking a break from cloth diapers at the moment; no, I DON'T want to talk about it) 

If you need some last-minute stocking stuffers, need to fulfill your urge to shop from home now that your Christmas shopping is done, or just love a good deal, head on over and check out the P&G eStore.

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  1. About time you got with it! LOL It's easy to spend $25, and it's no nice that free shipping is offered with that amount. Hate it when you can only get free shipping if you spend like $100 at some other places! is awesome too! I always need batteries. And diapers.


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