Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Strikes and Gutters, But Lots of Strikes

Oh, hello. My computer's motherboard decided to die, and I went through some tough times there. Tough times, indeed. Until yesterday when my dad showed up at my front door with a new laptop at a STEAL of a deal, and now we shall commence in the rejoicing. 

Other than the laptop dying, we have been riding the struggle bus in a few other ways over here -- namely, Genevieve is struggling with sleep, drooling excessively, and has SUPER swollen gums on the bottom front (YUP, you guessed it!), and Josephine has a runny nose, is having trouble sleeping through the night, and is gnawing on her fingers, pointing to the molars trying to push their way through her top gums and saying "mouth hurts!" all day. To top it all off, after a night of no sleep for me or Genevieve (I lied, I got three non-consecutive hours, okay?), all morning, every time I got Genevieve to sleep, Josephine would find a way to wake her. So many tears. SO. MANY. TEARS.

But, BUT, other than having two teething children (seriously, I NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED THIS when trying for kids two years apart), we have had so many other wonderful things going on around here, I am easily able to remind myself how sweet life is (most of the time).

Here is a list!

1. We started counting down to Christmas (Josie colored it herself!)


2. We took the girls to see Santa! 


Josephine was a little less than thrilled and Genevieve not impressed. What can you do?

3. We took the girls to their first parade! Josie LOVED it!


There was only one slight incident -- Josephine saw the giant inflatable Mickey and tried to run after it. When I snagged her and pointed to the next float, she said, "Yeah, but what about MICKEY?!?!"

4. We went and got our TREE!

2012-12-08 11.00.43



On this trip, Josephine reminded us what an excellent mimic she is ...




And we also tried to see Santa again. Once again, Josephine said no way and Genevieve was like why is this interesting?



5.  I finally got to decorate for Christmas! 


PicMonkey Collage

Old Scroogey McDimick thinks we should have waited one more week to get a tree, and I think we should have gotten it at LEAST a week earlier. Harumph.

6. I had TWO excellent shopping and out-to-lunch days with my mom and the girls these past two weeks, and am checking lots of people off our Christmas list.

2012-12-10 11.36.42

7. My mom gave Josephine "Josie's new best favorite good book" -- pretty high praise, right? The girls are INTO IT.

(O Little Town of Bethlehem: A Pageant of Lights, if you're interested. Stars light up and it plays the song.)

8. I haven't managed to get a picture yet, but there is sufficient evidence that Genevieve will have TWO dimples. DIMPLES, I say! *swoon*

9. My girls are still the cutest kids ever. :)

PicMonkey Collage3

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