Friday, April 26, 2013

Josephine's Favorite Color

The other day when Josie and I met her new doctor, she was strangely silent. As you may recall, this is the girl who is CUH-RAZY about doctors. In fact, if you ask her who her favorite is, she will shout "Dr. Grace!" (her pediatrician). Favorite in general, not just her favorite doctor. 

Ahem. Yeah. I would rather her answer be mama. Or even daddy (I'm not selfish).

So, it was definitely strange that she wouldn't talk to this doctor. She wasn't scared (she rarely is), she just sat without talking (which is even more rare).

At the beginning of the appointment, the doctor asked her how old she was, and after a prolonged silence, she asked "Ummm, one?" with a tilt of the head. (Later that night when her dad asked her, she confidently shouted "TWO!") Her behavior was just unexpected, that's all. She's such an outgoing, confident girl, and she actually asks to go to the doctor's office once or twice a week and gets upset if I say we can't. 

Near the end of the appointment, the doctor said she liked Josie's purple shirt and told Josie it was her favorite color. She then asked Josie what her favorite color was, and Josie stuck out her tongue! I was confused and embarrassed, so I made a joke about it and asked her again, and she stuck it out again. The appointment ended soon, and I was relieved. 

When I stopped at my mom's house to pick up Genevieve, I told her the story and left the punchline for Josie. I said, "What did you tell the doctor was your favorite color?" and she did it AGAIN! 

My mom and I laughed and laughed, and then I finally asked her why she was sticking out her tongue and she said ... "Because it's my favorite color. Pink!"

You guys. YOU GUYS.

Seriously, this kid. She surprises me every day. 

(Also, it is completely ridiculous that I have a strong desire to call the doctor and explain this whole story to her? Don't answer that. I already know the answer.)


  1. I think you should call that doctor so she knows how brilliant Josie is!!


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