Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recommend Some Reads, Please!

Just a quick plea for assistance here. I need to know: which blogs should I be reading? 

I do read more than the blogs in my blogroll (those are the ones that I want easy access to and are my must-reads), but I need more. A few times this month, I've hunkered down to rock Little Miss Hates-to-Sleep and realized I had nothing at all to read. I was all caught up and itching for more good reads. 

So, this is where you come in. Which blogs are so great that it's a crying shame I'm not reading them? Give me one, two, ten, as many suggestions as you want! Tell me about your blog! It's a recommendation free-for-all! Let the comments explode with bloggy goodness! Help a gal out!

Thank you in advance! 


  1. i think that some of the very very best writers on the whole internet (besides those you've already listed) are Mimi Smartypants, Alexa from Flotsam, and Antonia from Whoopee, although the latter, to my utter devastation, just began a hiatus, but you can get at her archives if you email her, still, I believe. Amalah is always funny, The Spohrs are Multiplying is compulsively readable, and Natalie Dee (whose self-named comic and whose collaboration-with-her-husband comic Married to the Sea are both fantastic) recently started a makeup blog, Stuff I Put on Myself, which is surprisingly (I hate makeup talk) readable, and of COURSE (Natalie is awesome) very smart. And I know you said "blog," not "magazine," but OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS everyone should be reading The Hairpin and The Rumpus. And Oh! Yo Is This Racist! Excellence. (Hint: pretty much everything is racist. For real.)

    Then there are the bloggers that I read just because they are self-absorbed and trite and totally hateable--something is so wrong with me--but obviously I cannot put their names here after typing that because HOW MEAN IS THAT.

  2. If you want all of the snarky stuff, is pretty great!

  3. One of my favorites is Hitting My Stride:


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