Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crafty Time: Josephine's Party (part 2 of 2)

I'm BACK, with part two of the Craftstravaganza that was Josephine's first birthday.  Yesterday I told you all about the gifts I made and the decoration I was most proud of.  Today is ATTIRE.  She had to have a good look, you know?

Outfit number one:  Party dress and matching headband

For this dress, I made another pillowcase dress following the same tutorial at Prudent Baby that I used for the dress to match her doll.  

For the headband, I made flowers following this tutorial at (and I am now OBSESSED with these flowers!!) and attached them to elastic for a headband.  The tutorial for the flowers is a video, and she goes a little fast for someone like me, but after watching it a few times and making one, I got it, and they are VERY easy.

After making three different-sized flowers, I put them on more of the same pink felt and traced around them (so no felt from the bottom would show -- just enough to glue the center of the flowers to) and cut it out.
Next, I measured my little bean's head and cut enough of the adorable stretch lace elastic I found.  I sewed the elastic together with a regular stitch then a zig zag stitch on either side of that.
Next, I put the felt under the elastic, and slapped on a ton of glue and pressed the flowers on. 
All done!

Outfit number two:  Cake-eating onesie and matching flower clippie
I know, I know.  An outfit change.  BUT, I obviously wasn't going to let her eat her cake in her dress, and I just didn't want her to be topless in all the cake pictures.  Instead of buying one of those cute "Birthday Girl" shirts, I made this instead.

All I did was take one of her plain white onesies that she usually wears to bed, cut a "1" out of felt, then covered it with a scrap of cute fabric (leftover from making cradle sheets), adhering it with a little fabric glue.  I just wrapped it like a present, basically.  Then, I sewed it on, and done!

I know it's nothing fancy, but it was made with materials I already had, and she can still wear the onesie to bed until she outgrows it.

Then, of COURSE, I had to make something for her hair, and because I loved that light pink headband and didn't want it to get ruined, I wanted to make a little clippie to keep her hair out of her eyes, but with a darker fabric.

Using the same technique I used to make the headband, I made a flower in a darker pink felt, sewed a large pearl bead to the center, and glued it to a ribbon-covered clip.
I love it!  It also happens to match a ton of her other clothes, so it will get a lot of use.

Then, I had to make one in a purple, a daisy to go with a new outfit from her Great-Aunt Julie, and a white one for my hair at the party.  I told you I got obsessed with these flowers!
If you like these flowers and need more detailed instructions than the video provide, leave me a comment or shoot me and e-mail, and I will make a tutorial.  

And, as always, if you make any of these yourself, send me a picture and I will post it!


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