Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a Booky Kind of Day!

First up: I have a review of a fantastic book up for the BlogHer Book Club.  Here's a little teaser to get you to click on over:

Tana French sets her latest mystery novel, Faithful Place, in some less-than-desirable areas of modern Dublin, and yet, somehow, reading the book made me want to pack up and move there immediately.  

To read the rest, click HERE.

To top it all off, Josephine got a ton of books today.  Using a Barnes & Noble gift card she got for her birthday, we got all these:

Bath Time! (Sandra Boynton)
No More Monsters for Me! (Peggy Parish)
Little Miss Sunshine (Roger Hangreaves)
My First 100 Words
First Words: 100 Animals


I hope you are having a booky kind of day, too!  


  1. I had a booky day, too! my two text books came in the mail and they're about...wait for it...BOOKS. yeah BOOKS ABOUT BOOKS. crazy talk.


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