Saturday, August 6, 2011

So I did this thing ...

Okay, I have done everything I can for the moment, even though there is so much left to do before we hit the road in three hours.  UGH.  Don't you hate that?  I need to wait to do some last-minute things until other things in the process are done, then we can be all packed up and drive across the state with all the party supplies ... remind me why I wanted to do that again?  Oh yeah, so lots of family could come.  I know it will be worth it, but right now I am SPAZZING.  Will I remember everything?  Will the weather be okay?  Will everything get done on time?  Can I make a three-tiered cake and transport it to the party locale??

Okay, I need to stop thinking about it.  Instead, I will do something to take my mind off of it while I wait for the washer to finish so I can dry and pack Josephine's diapers.

I found this over at A Girl and a Glue Gun and thought it was the perfect distraction.

Making:  Myself crazy.

Cooking:  Nothing for the next few days.  Bwahahaha!

Reading:  Faithful Place by Tana French (review scheduled for the end of August!)

Wanting:  To find a way to stop clenching my jaws and ruining my teeth.

Looking:  Ummm ... at the computer screen?

Playing:  A game in my head where I pretend it's okay if we forget something at home.  The party won't be ruined, right?  RIGHT??

Wasting:  Time ... obviously.

Sewing:  Nothing at the moment.  I have lots of projects I want to start once we get this big birthday fiesta over with.

Wishing:  My husband didn't have to work Saturdays. :(

Enjoying:  Josephine sitting next to me on the couch, quietly playing with her sippy cup and reaching over to put a hand on my arm every once in a while.  She can be quite a reassuring presence for a one-year-old!

Praying:  That it doesn't rain on our outdoor party tomorrow.

Waiting:  For laundry to be done (see whining above).

Liking:  The last project I whipped up last night for the party.  

Wondering:  WHAT the judges were thinking on this week's episode of Project Runway.  Really??  Joshua C. out?  You LIKED Joshua M.'s crap?  Anthony didn't win?  GUH!

Loving:  My family, my animals, and the rainy weather lately (even though I don't want it to rain tomorrow ... don't ask how that makes sense).  Also, these pigtails:

Hoping:  Tomorrow is a fantastic day for my little bean!

Marveling:  At how much my daughter LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba!

Needing:  FOOD.  In my stomach.

Wearing:  Hot pink shorts that look like, I guess, basketball shorts.  Does that make sense?  And a Marysville High School Junior Varsity Baseball MAC Gold Championship t-shirt.  I'm classy like that.

Following:  My list of things to still be packed.

Noticing:  That my daughter is trying to eat my jump drive.  I'm sure that's good for everyone.

Knowing:  Not much at the moment.

Thinking:  I should have done more practice with Josephine on "blowing" so she could take a stab at blowing out that candle.

Bookmarking:  NOTHING because it is TOO LATE to get any other grand ideas for the party.

Opening:  The files on my jump drive to make sure they weren't damaged by all the drool.

Giggling:  At how my daughter will try so hard to blow back if I blow in her face (after she laughs like crazy).

Feeling:  A little like I might vom.  But very excited for tomorrow!

If you want to play along, copy and paste, fill it out, and send me a link when you're done. :)


  1. Fun stuff. I came over from agaagg. :)

  2. fun! i totally am behind on project i'm forgetting that part so it's not ruined for me! i hope the weather holds out for you!!!!

  3. I did it!


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