Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Zoo!!!

We have been trying to make it happen all summer, but we finally got one of Jeremy's days off where the weather was nice, Josephine wasn't napping, and we had no other obligations, and we FINALLY took the bean to the zoo for the first time!

Jeremy was nervous because we went to the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, where we had never been before, and we are used to the glitz and glamour of the Detroit Zoo. He was worried it wouldn't stack up. I put his mind at ease by telling him, "Dude.  Admission is $4 for adults. It is NOT going to be anything like the Detroit Zoo. But it will only cost $8 and our daughter is only one."

And guess what? It was PERFECT. There was just enough there so that Josephine had lots to see and had fun, but not too much so she got overwhelmed halfway through and we were P.O.ed about leaving after paying a billion dollars to see 15 animals, which -- let's be honest -- was very likely to have happened if we went to the Detroit Zoo, especially after driving all the way there and having to drive all the way back. No. Just no.

We are still going to try to get to the Detroit Zoo before it gets cold, but we are also definitely going to get season passes to the Potter Park Zoo next summer, because it is the perfect place if you need an hour or two of activity to tire out the kid and have fun. Plus, outdoors, lots of walking, sun and fun. Can't be beat.

My camera is on its way to the camera graveyard, so the pics weren't all that amazing on this trip. But you know I'm gonna show you some anyway because I CAN'T STOP MYSELF.  
 Get this: She pointed at a lot of stuff.
 Apparently she's not all that patriotic.
 Just your typical staring contest with an Ostrich.
 Strange man or Peacock? Stare at the strange man, definitely.
 My little Joey (get it?)
 This is her face the first time she saw a female lion. I love it.
 She was crazy about the turtles in the Reptile House.
 Penguins -- or, as the Marcettis say -- Pendins! 
 Why is this exciting again, mom?
 Monkeys! Monkeys!
 Monkey see, monkey do.
 I could not hate my camera any more at this moment.
 Lovin' that Mandrill.
 Look, mom!
 Just ... wow.

Aaannnnddd ... (drumroll please) ... tie for best picture of the day goes to:
 You disgust me, mother.

What the?!?!

So, if you are in the Mid-Michigan area, hit up the Potter Park Zoo. Also, buy a new camera before you go. Oh, and don't rush over at an opportune moment and happen to forget to eat ... or drink any of the caffeine you are addicted to ... or forget your sunglasses on a very sunny day. You will get a migraine. The rest of the day will be torture.

BUT, if you're lucky, you can roll around in an empty kiddie pool before dinner.
I swear, this kid ... she must get the odd behavior from her father. Right? (Humor me.)


  1. that face in the last picture is definitely a Marcetti face. reminds me of your baby pictures.

  2. It's totally from her father. Anything weird and/or annoying comes from the father, it's scientifically proven. Trust me, I took multiple genetics classes in college.


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