Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Days

We are having some ... issues ... over here. The kind you don't talk about on the Internet. BUT, our marriage is tip-top, Josie and Baby X are both healthy, and we have a roof over our heads, so we have the most important stuff covered, right? Right.

So, I am focusing on the things that are making me happy lately. Here are the things I have been loving the most this past week:

1. This WEATHER! Nothing gets Jeremy into a tizzy about how the world is ending and DON'T YOU EVEN CARE, VERONICA? faster than 70s and 80s for weeks straight in March, but DANG I've been in heaven the past few weeks. It looks like it's gone again for the time being, but it was magnificent.  

2. The abundance of park time we have had (thanks to said sign-of-the-apocalypse weather) and how much Josephine LOVES it!

3.  We also spent a lot of time hanging in the backyard, where we played with toys and rode bikes and found treasures like rocks and bugs and nuts (and one berry ... that we won't speak of).

4. And if it's warm enough to hang out in the backyard, it's warm enough for the "three-season room" aka, our porch someone put walls around (totally strange). I love sitting out there in the morning while Josephine plays in her wagon or crawls on my lap or pretends she's a cat. 

watching the storm last night that sent us back to normal weather :(

5. Painting Josie's toenails for the first time with Piggy Paint!

I have always been afraid to paint her nails because I was positive she would eat it off, but my neighbor said this stuff was safe, and she's an honorary healthy hippie, so we borrowed it. Josephine just stared in awe and couldn't stop saying "wow!" in a tiny little whisper, then she couldn't stop touching them when they were dry.

6. Finally catching up on two months of filling out Josephine's second-year calendar. 

Some months I write in it every night, other months I make scattered lists in notebooks then go to my Twitter and facebook to fill in the blanks and make sure I got all the dates right. Two months was the longest time I let it go, and my stomach seriously starting eating itself EVERY NIGHT when I realized with a jolt that I had let another day pass without catching up, so I am SO GLAD it is done. Now, every day is accounted for, and many adorable moments and important milestones have been carefully detailed ... IF she can read my tiny cramped handwriting in those little boxes when she's older.

And there you go: focusing on the good. And now it's time to put the Bean down for her nap -- another good thing! 


  1. Looks like you have an old screened in beadboard porch like we do! I wish my mom would have kept a calendar like that for me when I was little.

    1. We do, only someone painted ours dreadful colors! Blech! Whenever I feel like giving up on the calendars, I remind myself that my mom wrote something down EVERY DAY in a calendar until I was five. She's a rockstar.

  2. Where did you get your calendar from? I am not very crafty and am not sure I could do a full blown baby book. Love the calendar idea!

    1. My mom got the calendars here:

      My mom did the calendars for YEARS, and after she couldn't find any for past two years, she just bought pretty blank calendars and wrote in those. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, LOVE that first photo of Josie. :) Glad to hear you're all well....but I will say a prayer for you for whatever it is you can't talk about on the internet. I did a calendar for Anthony and Molly's first year. It was nice because their calendars matched their baby books. I plan to do it again this time around because it's so much fun. But I agree it makes your heart flutter with anxiety when you realize it's been a while since you've worked on it! LOL! I thought it was only me....glad to know I'm not alone with my nutso "must keep track of EVERYTHING" train of thought. hehe

    1. Yes, it's the wallpaper on my laptop! :) Thanks for the positive thoughts; they are much appreciated. We have a baby book too, but I knew it would be something I did all at once, after the fact, so it all matched and was EXACT. I got less anal and controlling after becoming a mom, but some things just stick with you! :)


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