Friday, March 16, 2012

A Tale of Terror: The Learning Process Has Been Turned Against Me

Yesterday Josephine said "OW!" in a desperate voice, which elicited swift action from myself. Turns out her (well-meaning, handsome) father had put her sandal on wrong and it was digging into her foot, causing a lot of pain. I fixed the problem, and BOOM, got a medal for calm and successful parenting skills.

OR ... I taught her that saying "OW!" in a waily voice will get you immediate attention. 

Spoiler alert: it was the latter.

So far today, Josephine has said "OW!" in a pathetic voice to mean all of the following things:

Good morning
Breakfast sounds divine
Yes, I want milk
I'm done with my milk
I want out of my highchair
I want to get up on the couch
I want attention
I'm hungry
I would like more noodles
I'm done eating
I want to eat what you're eating
I want to sit on your lap
I'm bored
Why did you let that nurse give me a shot?!? (Okay, that one actually works)
Take me home
Look, Curious George is on
I hear a bird chirping
Look, there's my cat
Read me this book
Pay more attention to me
Get off the phone 
I would like a hug
I would like to get out of my crib
I love you
I want my cardigan off
Why is it foggy outside?
I want my sandals off
I want my sandals on
I want my sandals off again
Let me throw the folded laundry all over the floor
I need a new diaper
When is dad getting home? (I intuited that one, probably because I was wondering the EXACT SAME THING).


  1. Oh hey, have our girls been talking to each other? Because Lorelai has NEVER said "ow" before two days ago, and had also never screeched at me like she's been doing, but all of a sudden everything in the world makes her screech "owwwwww!" like she's being prodded in the eyeballs with hot pokers.

    1. Obviously they have been doing some of that creepy baby telepathic stuff!

  2. CRAP! ;) Right with you on that one!

    But seriously, I know kids are very smart, but until their communication skills are developed i think it best to respond because one day "OW" will mean "OW". If we don't respond or choose to let them cry it out it is my belief (and my wife's) that they will learn that you are not always there for them. Possibly causing personality or psychological issues with them. I think it is an extremely tough call in any instance because you want to be there for them, but you also want them to somewhat independent - especially at night.

    kudos...made me laugh...and look at what we've been doing again.

    1. Yes, agreed -- have to take every ow seriously. Then they just make you regret it! :) Stinkers!

  3. Hi Veronica!

    I've been reading your blog for about a year now, lurking and all.
    After reading this, though, I have to tell you how hilarious I think you are. You describe parenting in light that makes me (at 22) excited to have kids! You sound like an awesome mom and teacher.

    Oddly enough, you post brings to mind how, sometimes, when I get WAAAAy beyond sleepy, I sort of do this:

    Boyfriend: You tired?
    Me: Rawr.
    Boyfriend: You hungry?
    Me: Rawr.

    ...times infinity.

    *pulls collar* bad news for you?


    1. Thank you!

      And, yes, she gets her quirks from me, so I really have no one to blame. I have been known to behave in a shockingly similar way to the one you described above. :)

  4. Vern--I literally pictured/heard in my head Josie saying all of those things in a totally rational, adult voice. Love it.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, you just haven't seen her in a while. That's totally how she talks now.


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