Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Splint-Free Update

Well, the doctor told us to take the splint off yesterday and see how she was walking. We waited until Jeremy got home at 6, because I wanted him there to help me assess, but also because I thought it would be good to get in another full day of healing. 

In the meantime, my mom came for the day (bless her heart!) and we spent the day trying to keep Josie off her leg. In the morning, we went to two craft stores for selfish purposes, but also because Josephine loves riding around in the cart if she has pretty things to reach out and touch, like fabric and glitter and boas. Then, we went out to lunch and she enjoyed Mongolian Barbecue for the first time. And man, she REALLY enjoyed it. I made her a little plate of noodles, tofu, edamame, pineapple, and green pepper with sweet and sour sauce, added brown rice, and she CHOWED down! She ate her whole plate then ate a lot of my mom's chicken.

Then she discovered the rice spoon.

And how amazing two spoons at once could be. 

By the time Jeremy got home and it was time to take the splint off, I was nervous, but VERY hopeful that we could keep it off, and by golly, she was back to normal, other than a huge raw spot on the back of her knee where the splint had been rubbing (SOB!). 

So, we let her keep the splint off, and she quickly rewarded us by waking up at 9 PM and kicking the sides of her crib with such force that we could hear it downstairs. Perfect. Especially since the doctor told us that it could be fractured, even if she seems to be walking okay after today, and it just started healing. I was just sitting downstairs imagining a fracture that started to heal snapping like a twig. Then, she woke up screaming and sobbing at 2 AM and needed soothing, which has not happened in a L-O-N-G time, so of course I imagined she was in horrible pain. Sigh.

However, things seem to be business as usual today, as evidenced by this dress-up extravaganza:

We still have to go back for another set of x-rays on Saturday, and the doctor warned us that they could find a fracture then and send us home in a cast, but there is also the possibility that she is a-okay. Her knee is a little swollen and has a few bruises, and her knee is the only place where the doctor thought there was a possibility of an abnormality, but apparently toddler knees are all different and are in a constant state of change, so he couldn't be sure if it was normal for her or from the fall, so I guess it could be her knee. However, for now things look okay. 

Thanks to everyone's kind words in the comments, on facebook, and on Twitter. They were all much appreciated. We've got our fingers crossed over here! 


  1. So glad she can be active right now! She looks happy. And the Mongolian Barbecue love is way too adorable.

  2. She was so happy yesterday. I vote for all healed... I'm glad she likes dress up clothes. I'll keep an eye out for more.


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