Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shapes = Blowing Mom's Mind

Have you wondered lately, does this chick ONLY talk about that CHILD of hers? Does she think of NOTHING ELSE ALL DAY?

Well, for YOU, I have another post about the minutia of Josephine's life! Sorry.

She's been doing all kinds of crazy and grown-up and mind-blowing things lately. I can't even keep up in her little 2nd-year calendar* and I DEFINITELY haven't gotten enough video footage of her (our video camera is giving me serious Hulk-style rage), but she did something last night and this morning that for some reason, seems so much bigger.  Like, a Holy mother of pearl, who taught you that and should you be able to DO that already? kind of thing. 


Last night I pulled out a bin of toys that have been out of rotation for a little while (gotta keep it fresh!), and inside was the clock I got her for Christmas. 

At the time, she was like, Thanks mom, cute. Moving on. But last night, while I was typing something for work, Jeremy sat down and watched her play with it, and she was PUTTING SHAPES IN THE RIGHT HOLES. EASILY. He had to show her which holes were the right ones, but she was DOING IT. I'll admit, for a while, I thought he was punking me. 

But then, this morning, she went and dragged it out, sat in the middle of the living room, and PUT THE SHAPES IN THE CORRECT HOLES ALL BY HERSELF! (I guess I should have put a warning at the top of this post about the excessive all-caps shouting. Sorry.)

So, of course, I took about 5,000 pictures (mostly because I had to use the camera on my cell phone, which is fine, unless, of course, someone is MOVING -- ANOTHER camera in our house is also giving me the rage, but let's not talk about that).

Look at the brilliance!

Look how proud she is! Now that's a heart-melter!

Some of you may be scratching your heads at my wonder and amazement. Here's the problem. I overdid it when I was pregnant and she was new, and read SO MUCH about EVERYTHING and was a walking encyclopedia of milestones and ridiculous information (no, Jeremy, most babies turn from front to back at blahblah weeks) that I totally overdid it. It was too much and not worth the brainpower. Especially once you realize that if your kid doesn't fall into the "average" timeline, it's usually not a huge deal, so why have you memorized that stuff anyway? So, these days, I get all excited when she does something new, but I'm not out there researching or posting on message boards with frantic cries for help (How old was your little one when they did x y and z??!?!?!). 

Maybe kids should already be able to do this by now and Josie is behind the curve (unlikely, since she is a genius). Who knows? It just seems SO BIG and she did it ALL BY HERSELF since her lazy mother didn't think to introduce it to her any earlier. 

It's just amazing to see this little PERSON. She's not a baby, she's a PERSON. Crazy.

P.S. Two hours after I wrote this, she climbed up in my lap and made me cradle and rock her like a baby for ten solid minutes. :) That kid.

P.P.S. If you came for a leg update, she is wibbly-wobbly every now and then, but she was running around chasing Jeremy last night, so we still have our fingers crossed for a good report at her x-rays on Saturday!

*In my post the other day, I got a few requests for where you could buy the first and second-year baby memory calendars (that my smart and generous mom got me), so I figured I'd share the link. Here it is! Enjoy!


  1. Of course, she's a genious!!!

  2. Josephine the genius! I like it!

    You know what's even more adorable than that, though?

    How excited you are :)

  3. WOW, she's changed so much recently! Even though I'm pretty sure moms don't like to hear this phrase, I'm gonna say it anyway- "She looks like a big girl now!" :)


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