Friday, November 13, 2009

Good-bye My Lover ... Good-bye My Friend ...

Those of you who are not addicted to television might find this post ridiculous.  You might pity me or feel the need to send me pamphlets.  But some of you will feel true empathy for me.  To those of you, I say "thank you, dearest comrades."

A horrific moment in the Dimick household transpired this past Wednesday.  Our lovely, warm, comedic, educational friend -- the living room television -- died.

It all happened so quickly.  I had the television on while I was getting ready for work Wednesday morning, and I had Pet Star on (MoJo and Cleo like it) when, out of nowhere, the television screen went black. 

I was so scared to tell Jeremy.  I was sure I would be to blame.  Thankfully, he likened the event to something related to Apollo 13 and Kevin Bacon (I have no idea what he was talking about), but said it would have happened to whoever happened to have the TV on at that particular moment in time. 

After a thorough investigation and some phone calls, it seems that there is no unringing this bell -- the TV is gone.

We never saw this coming.  She was so young.  We certainly thought she had more than two years to give us.  Even more upsetting is the fact that we have a sweet little story attached to the purchase of our TV. 

It was back when we were young, unmarried folks.  There was a MASSIVE sale going on at Target, and we were convinced that we would be stupid to pass up such a fantastic deal, and this TV could last us decades.  We settled on a TV, haggled, got a lower price, got it home, and felt EVER so proud of ourselves.

Look at that face.

Our long-running joke had always been that Jeremy wanted a big-screen TV as an engagement present when he proposed.  He thought it was crummy that the man had to spend thousands of dollars on a ring and didn't get something fun in return.  I always reminded him that he would be getting a BEAUTIFUL FIANCEE in return, but eventually gave up and humored him.

So, when we picked out the TV, I offered to pay for it, jokingly saying that I would buy his engagement present even though I hadn't received my part of the bargain.  He laughed, I laughed, and we had a TV.

Little did I know, Jeremy had been saving and planning for months, and was going to propose days later.  The television sale had just popped up and we took advantage of it, but he hadn't counted on me bringing up his desire for an engagement television.  So, when he did propose eight days later, we certainly had a good laugh, and we had always referred to the television as his engagement present.  No matter how silly it was, the TV had great memories attached to it.  And now she is no more.

No TV can ever replace that fun moment in our lives.  And now, even more scary, is the fact that Jeremy thinks if we are going to buy a TV we should get a BIGGER television.  Yes, he thinks that the MASSIVE television we had before could be improved upon.  Help me, Jebus ...


  1. *GASP* I was expecting an old TV! Not a fancy flat screen!

  2. I know. It is just not right. We discovered yesterday that the company that made our TV went bankrupt in the past week. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. Remember when you were little, and smoke came out of the TV one morning? Dad told you that a tv runs on smoke and when the smoke comes out they are dead...
    We went after school that day to buy a new one...
    It's hereditary - blame dad for your addiction!

  4. *GASP* I was expecting an old TV! Not a fancy flat screen!


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