Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Giving Guide, Part 4

Instead of gearing up for the Black Friday sales, why not do something special?  Support artisans and encourage the handmade revolution by shopping!

I fell in love with etsy when I learned my friend Melissa sold her lovely jewelry there.  Her shop is currently closed because she is moving into a new house (!), but I am sure it will be up again soon ... right Melissa?  Until then, here is the type of jewelry you can find at her shop, relishdress, which I mentioned here.

Lovely, right?  Right.

Since I am already on the topic of jewelry, there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of jewery listed on etsy, and you can search by jewelry type and then what it is constructed of.  Here is a ring for the artistic person in your life:

And a FABULOUS necklace for the person who loves to accessorize and stand out in a crowd:

There are a ton of printmakers on etsy, but I love this shop.  It does custom orders.  All you do is send in a picture and you could have a custom silhouette like this:

There are also tons of potters on etsy, and many artisans offer gorgeous and affordable pieces like this:

The bath and beauty section on etsy is packed, and aside from typical soaps and lotions, you can also find fun and artistic things like this:

In addition to paintings, prints, and photography, the art on etsy knows no limits, like this shop that works with butterflies:

And this beautiful piece of 3-D art:

And finally, there are definitely tons of items for the fun person in your family!  I love these mugs, which, of course, were listed in the "Geekery" shop!

Take a moment to look around etsy.  I have already purchased seven etsy Christmas gifts for friends and family, and I guarantee you will find something you love too!

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