Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Giving Guide, Part 2

Another one of my favorite charities also provides a fantastic gift option for the animal-lovers in your life.  If you need a thoughtful gift that also helps the earth, why not help fund the protection of habitats around the world by adopting a threatened species from the World Wildlife Fund?!?!

Here is just a 45-animal taste of the over ONE HUNDRED species you can symbolically "adopt" with a donation as low as $25:

A $25 adoption kit includes an adoption certificate, a species information card, and a picture of the animal.

A $50 adoption kit includes a 12-inch plush version of the animal (!) in a gift bag on top of the adoption certificate, species information card and picture! 

And take a look at these adorable animals, starting with my favorite animal:

I just love tigers, and this one looks so soft and cuddly.

And look, my childhod favorite, the good ol' duck-billed platypus!

I have never seen a cuter platypus!

And, you will never believe this one ....

A BLUE FOOTED BOOBY?  Seriously?  A booby!  I love it!

If you have more to spend, there is a lot more to be had.  A $100 donation includes the large plush animal, a framed certificate and photo and a gift box, as seen here with our adorable friend the gorilla:

A $250 Giant doantion will get you a GIANT plush along with the framed certificate and photo in a gift box.  Check out that 30-inch tree frog!

And, finally, a $250 Family adoption will get you a "family" of plush animals, like the penguin family seen here:

These gifts are great for the young, the old, and the young at heart.  Heck, they're even good for the young people who are old at heart!

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