Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catching Up with The Duggars: Now with More Rage and Disbelief

The Duggars.  Oh, the Duggars.  

My love affair with the super-sized family began when I saw their very first special on the Discovery Health Channel (this was during my little phase where I had that channel on pretty much exclusively.  I learned a lot.  Maybe a little too much.) and I have been with them ever since.

Here's my problem with those rascally Duggars:  For every sweet, adorable, or interesting thing that happens on the show, there is something ridiculous, strange, or offensive to balance it out.  I go from laughing at something that little scamp Jackson said to shaking my head while Jim Bob explain's a woman's "proper" place.  Guh.

So really, it probably shouldn't have shocked me all that much when the Duggars took a family trip to the shooting range.  Everyone except the infant, Josie, of course, because you have to be OVER the age of one to shoot a firearm.  Duh.

And actually, I was just thinking, "Par for the course" until the 5-year-old asked his dad, "Dad, why do I have to wear goggles?" and Jim Bob matter-of-factly replied, "So you don't get a bullet in your eye."

Really Jim Bob?  REALLY?!!?  You have NO PROBLEM letting your CHILDREN shoot guns, and have no problem not only presenting them with the image of getting shot in the eye, but with putting them in a position where that could actually happen ... but you strongly believe women are "not meant" to wear pants and every female Duggar has to wear an ankle-length skirt.  

According to Jim Bob, women wearing pants is like them making promises they don't intend to keep, and that is too difficult for men to understand.

So, let me get this straight: when women wear pants, men THINK those women are offering their vaginas to them, but the women are NOT because good ladies don't have sex (unless it is to make a Duggar), and since good boys don't have sex (unless it is to make a Duggar), it is mean of those loose pants-wearing women to PRETEND they are going to give them the sexy time, because all boys have feeble little brains and they will not be able to control themselves or sort out their emotions when they see the outline of a leg shape.  But a child under the age of ten shooting a gun?  Not dangerous in the least.

I don't mean this to be an anti-gun post.  I am not a gun-lover by any means, but I am going to go ahead and assume that even people who are fans of guns will agree that shooting a gun could be slightly more dangerous than wearing pants.  Just a thought.

I surely hope those teen and tween Duggar girls (who do ALL of the cooking and cleaning and childcare and serve their brothers hand and foot) are not cooking up leg-shaped food.  Or, heaven forbid, actual LEGS, like chicken legs, because who KNOWS what would happen!  Chaos at the dinner table!  Inappropriate touching of legs!  Boy brains exploding all over the tater tot casserole!

And, um, does anyone one else think that rule is a little weird considering those kids only ever see EACH OTHER?  What are you REALLY afraid of, Jim Bob?  Hmmmm? 


  1. Mrs. Duggar HAS to wear a skirt. Because her vagina is so wore out from having all those kids, it drags the ground.

  2. ooo this post made me laugh! (as did ed's comment!)

  3. You know, pants are just the beginning. Next thing you know women will be VOTING and then becoming CEOS!!! The horror!!

  4. Ed -- Well played, Ed. WELL played.

    Maggie -- :)

    Lisa -- I know! We better put a stop to this NOW!

  5. Call me crazy, but it's way easier to get into someone's long skirt or dress than it is to get into pants!

  6. You know, pants are just the beginning. Next thing you know women will be VOTING and then becoming CEOS!!! The horror!!


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