Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day in the Life at THE PLAGUE HOUSE

Let me walk you through yesterday.  It was a bit of a "cluster," if you catch my drift.  And I think you do.

The night before, I slept about two hours because of a combination of not being able to breathe and my little Bean being so restless that she was awake about every hour on the hour.  Poor darling.  At this point, she didn't have a fever and she wasn't coughing or showing any other obvious signs of being sick, but she wasn't sleeping well, so I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

8 AM:  Josephine up, ready to eat.  Jeremy decides to stay home from work for the second day in a row and goes back to sleep.

8:30 AM:  I convince Josephine to take her morning nap!  Hallelujah!  Jeremy still sleeping.

10 AM:  Josephine is ready to eat again.  Yep, this kid is not feeling well.  Jeremy still sleeping.

12 PM:  Josephine takes a half-hour nap, so I get one too.  Amazing!  Jeremy goes and buys himself Dayquil and Nyquil (neither of which I can take), but he buys me a Cadbury Egg, so ... there's that.

12:30 - 4:45:  Jeremy sleeps.  I rock Josephine and cry off and on, because I am dying, Josephine is getting a fever, I have papers that aren't getting graded, and Jeremy is sleeping.

4:45 PM:  Josephine "accidentally" wakes up Jeremy.  (Heh.)  Jeremy decides he needs to go to the doctor.  I cry and tell him I am sick too.  He says, "Oh, I thought you were feeling better."  Summon remaining strength to keep self from hurting Jeremy.

4:46 PM:  We remember we don't have a primary care physician because we only lived here for four years, how would we have found time to get one of those?

4:48 PM:  Josephine starts coughing.  BTW, she has like, the CUTEST cough ever.  And she is still smiling and cooing at this point.  With a fever and a cough.  Precious.

4:50 PM:  Decide to go to Urgent Care.  

5:05 PM:  Get to Urgent Care and realize all the unwashed masses might make my baby more sick than she already is.  Shit.

5:15 PM:  Ask Jeremy to take Josephine over to look at tank full of exotic fish.  Six sick slimy little children follow, and get their germs near my baby.  Hiss ABORT!  ABORT!! at Jeremy.

6:00 PM:  Nurse says Josephine and I can stay together but Jeremy will have to go to his own separate room because of the "size of the rooms."  Get taken into the LARGEST exam room I have ever seen in my life.  With three chairs.  Hmmm.

6:10 PM:  Take a picture of Josephine.  Because this is her VERY FIRST trip to Urgent Care!  Must preserve memories!  

The fever makes me MORE crazy, not less crazy.  Who would have guessed?

6:15 PM:  Doctor tells me I have a viral infection AND a bacterial infection and Josephine has a viral infection that we should watch in case she also develops a bacterial infection.  However, he is nice enough to invade Jeremy's privacy by telling me his Strep test is negative and he has a viral infection.  I like this guy.  

He then proceeds to tell me I am "basically screwed" because I need rest to get over the viral infection, and he's guessing that's not gonna happen (he's a freakin' psychic), and I can't take Nyquil because I'm breast feeding.  At least he's honest. 

6:45 PM:  Drop prescriptions off at Meijer Pharmacy.  Am told Jeremy and Josephine were prescribed free prescriptions, but MY antibiotic is not free because I am allergic to penicillin and can't take Amoxicillin.  Feel discriminated against.

6:45 - 7:15 PM:  Buy fixings for chicken noodle soup and then get back in line to pick up prescriptions.

7:16 PM:  "Lady" at head of line is SCREAMING at pharmacy tech because she is trying to charge her $10 when she KNOWS FOR A FACT THAT SHE SHOULD ONLY HAVE TO PAY $5.  

7:19 PM:  She realizes she has given the pharmacy tech the wrong card.  Gives her a different insurance card.  Does not apologize.

7:22 PM:  "Lady" at register next to her (in riding pants and boots covered in what I can only hope is mud and not horse crap) is insisting that she not be given any pills that are "robin's egg blue in color" because they are "of poor quality."  Am unsure what this all means.

7:25 PM:  Am finally given prescriptions.  Have to sign a "Meth Check" card to somehow prove I am not buying Jeremy's Sudafed in order to make Meth from it.  

First "Lady" screams at her pharmacy tech because "that chick" (meaning me) "got her shit so quickly."  Flee Meijer.

7:30 PM:  Make chicken noodle soup while holding a sick baby and a sick husband walks the neglected dog.

7:30 - 10 PM:  Eat, feed child, cry, feed child again, pray for a swift death.

10 PM - 8 AM:  I rock Josephine while she wakes up every five minutes.  Jeremy sleeps.


But hey, look at this soup.  

Not bad for a dying lady, huh?


  1. Goodlord. The Meijer experience sounds especially lovely. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. I admire your strength-I would've given up and hidden in the corner of my closet or something! Also, your soup looks amazing!

  3. She's too cute to be sick! Hope you all feel better asap- that soup looks like it could heal anything!

  4. Aww welcome to February in Michigan. It's most definitely the closest to hell. Wishing you all a quick recovery :)

  5. Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

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  6. Mari -- Yeah, it was priceless. Avoid the Meijer on Lake Lansing Road!

    Lisa -- I thought about it! Haha! And thanks! :)

    SpontaneousMom -- Thank you and thank you! :)

    Miranda -- You said it! Thanks!

    Teresa -- Thanks so much for the tip!!

  7. Aww welcome to February in Michigan. It's most definitely the closest to hell. Wishing you all a quick recovery :)


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