Friday, February 11, 2011

Report Card: Veronica is Awesome. In a Bossy Sort of Way.

These days, I spend a lot of time wondering what kind of kid Josephine will be when she actually has a voice and can do the things she's been desperate to do (like walking and running and rearranging every object in our home).  Over Christmas I was sorting through the bins of stuff still in my mom and dad's attic, and I got a little peek into who I was as a wee one.

My daycare provider sent a "Report Card" home to my mom a week after I turned four years old.  It got a big laugh.  I have no idea why.  Because I am not still like this.  Not at all.

[Jeremy's responses are in red.  Because, let's be honest -- his reaction is always what makes it funny.  I know who the star of this blog really is.]

1.  Listens to directions
Yes, so you better remember what you said -- verbatim! -- because it can be repeated at any time, weeks later.  [Wow.  So you were torturing people with your crazy memory TWENTY-FOUR years ago?  Scary.]

2.  Picks up toys
Not a favorite, but then again, it's not mine either, but she will always cooperate.  [So, you were willing to help, but always had to remind people that you didn't want to be doing it?  Classic.]

3.  Helps out with smaller kids
Will always tell me if someone is getting into something they shouldn't.  Of course they don't appreciate it, but I do.  [It sounds like SHE liked you, but did any of the other kids ever like you?  I wouldn't have.]

4.  Manners
Excuse me, yes.  Puts everyone else to shame, including me, thank you.  [Show off.]

5.  Knows rules
Definitely.  If anyone else forgets, they are promptly reminded.  [Rolls eyes.  Tell me about it.]

6.  Likes projects
When told it is project time, she always responds with "Oh, Goody Goody!"  [Hysterical laughter. "Oh, Goody Goody" (in a mocking tone)]

7.  Religious
Yes, told me she saw Jesus Christ at church. I look every time I go.  So far, nothing.  [Why do you have to make stuff up all the time?]

You have a very bright daughter.  Very creative.  Just the other day she created a zoo through the entire house, and then there was the library.  No one could talk for hours.  I loved it.  [So you were BORN bossy?]

I can't wait to see my sassy little dramababy grow up to be just like me. 

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  1. So what we learned here is that your daycare provider is... crazy?


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