Sunday, June 19, 2011

Josephine Has a Frickin' Fabulous Father

My husband.  My husband.  It's hard to start this.  How to describe my wonderful husband on his very first Father's Day?  

Well, I just KNEW he would be an amazing father.  Way back in the early days we were dating, I could not only see his kindness, compassion, patience, and sincerity, but seeing him with his young cousins and my nieces and nephews confirmed my suspicions that he was a natural caregiver and best friend to young people.  You know how there are just those adults who kids gravitate towards and adore and can't get enough of?  That's Jeremy. 

Watching him become a father over the last 10 months has been awesome.  He does so much for both of us every day, and he certainly deserves much more than a blog post and the "we're-on-a-budget" gift I got for him.  Let me tell you why:

 He was an amazing partner long before he was an amazing father
 He was immediately a protective and loving father
 I always thought it was pretty horrible that after the ladies did all the work, the fathers usually got to hold the babies first, and I was sure I'd be all "GIVE ME THAT BABY YOU JERK-FACE," but seeing the way he looked at her ... it killed me.  I couldn't believe how happy I was.
 I'm so grateful my mom was there taking pictures, because he looks like this in every picture -- he was just beaming at her (while I had on my ugly cry-face)
 From day one, he has always been the master of getting her to sleep.  He has magical powers, I swear.
 There is definitely no way to calculate how many hours he spent holding and soothing our sick little baby in those early months
 And there is also no way to calculate how many hours he spent bouncing her.  He is WAY more patient than I will ever be.
He simply adores her
And she adores him 

 He reads to her every single day, is happily in charge of all bedtime stories, and even has a special book he reads last every single night
 He lets her play her favorite games, which include jamming fingers into mouths, jamming fingers into eyeballs, and pulling dad's hair
He teaches her all kinds of things
His motto is "safety first," even when she complains 
 He's so excited to share her firsts, and he is her rock when she isn't sure what to think about something new
I think Josie said it best here: "You're the number one dad!"

Happy First Father's Day, my love.

Much love,

Veronica and Josephine Isabelle


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