Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've Had a Busy Week, So You Get a List ...

... and you'll like it.

1.  I finally started feeling better on my antibiotic, and after what I can only describe as an excruciating-long wait, the pediatrician agreed to call in a prescription for Josie since she was getting worse instead of better.  I then left that antibiotic in our fridge when we went out of town this weekend and had to call the on-call physician and beg for an emergency refill to be called into the pharmacy down the street from my in-laws, but that is neither here nor there (except for the fact that it is a perfect representation of my scattered life lately).

2.  I started feeling better just in time to scramble around and get everything ready for Jeremy-palooza 2011, aka, my husband's birthday.  Every year I sneak around and wait until he is out of the house to make a cake, as if it is a huge surprise that I am going to make him a cake like I do EVERY YEAR, but I insist on being surreptitious, and then I am rushed and panicked, and this year I made fancy frosting and Josie was NOT having it because I was not staring lovingly at her the ENTIRE day, which is what a sick Josephine requires, apparently (she is totally my progeny).  

So on Thursday I got up before Jeremy woke up for work at 6 AM and decorated the house with streamers and balloons and whatnot, wrote all over the bathroom mirror with dry erase marker (and then scared myself shitless three times when catching it out of the corner of my eye while walking into the bathroom), then we ran to the store and got all the stuff I had forgotten, started the cake, retrieved all the hidden presents, wrapped them, signed cards from me and Josie, made the frosting and dyed it Tigers blue and orange (OH MY GOD.  Never again.), decorated the cake (the last five minutes of which Josephine screamed bloody murder while I begged her to let me finish), started cheesy garlic biscuits that Jeremy could throw in the oven while I was at work, cleaned the two-inch by two-inch kitchen that looked like three bombs had exploded within it, cleaned the rest of the house, and ran Josephine out to the porch just in time to have her waiting for Jeremy when he pulled in from work.  Then, instead of passing out, I went to work.  BUT, when I got home from work, I got to give Jeremy presents that made him make THIS face:
and THIS face:
Yeah, a Detroit Tigers toaster.  Awesome.  And the cake turned out looking like THIS:
I'm not sure if you're familiar with the fine art of cake decorating, but it takes an extremely high level of skill to create the Jackson Pollack look and make the lettering look like you are having a seizure while writing.  I know, I know.  I was blessed with so many talents.  I still have yet to taste the cake, but my husband is so awesome that even if it tasted like a dog shit cake with baby puke frosting, he would say, "Oh, baby, this is the best cake ever!"  He seriously would.  Love that guy.

3.  THEN, after I served cake, I started doing laundry and packing for the weekend with the in-laws/wedding extravaganza.  Because I had not started.  So all night and the next morning I ran around like a maniac doing all the stuff I should have been doing ahead of time, but, you know, the sickness and the birthday.  GUH.  Plus I ran to the craft store and bought ribbon and made some bows and flowers to take along.  Heh.  Priorities.

4.  On Friday night we got to go to see my father-in-law and brother-in-law (otherwise known as Steel Bass) play at The Raven, a coffee house where we also saw them play only a few days before Josephine was born.
She danced to a lot of the songs, and liked their cover of "Truckin'" the best.

5.  THE VOTES OF THE MAJOR DRESS POLL WERE TALLIED, and the winner was ..... NUMBER TWO!!!!!  Thank you for the votes!!

Unfortunately, the picture extravaganza I had planned in my head did not go down, and THIS is one of the only pictures I got of Josephine at the wedding, and she wasn't even at the actual wedding:
Yeah, we spent the ceremony in the nursery because someone was being "talkative."  I am not going to be THAT person, thank you very much.  

And, THIS is the best picture of Josephine with Granny and Gramps.  
At least she's smiling.

I'll probably dress her back up in her outfit sometime soon and take pictures.  She'll never know the difference when she looks back at the pictures.  Heh heh heh.  Babies.  You can pull one over on them so easily.

6.  We had lots and lots of family fun time, and even though Josephine was still a bit of a tired crankapotamus because of her antibiotic, but she had a great time.

 She grabbed her Elmo book, crawled into the back corner of Cleo's kennel, and sat there and read it.  This kid needs a playhouse.
 bath in Granny and Gramps' clawfoot tub!
 The bride and groom
 Admiring her new cell phone from Granny
 Josie and Gramps had LOTS of good reading time this weekend
Spying on the neighborhood.  She's just like her mother.
Amazed by Uncle Luke's gorilla that plays "Wild Thing."

7.  There is no way I am going to pull off a Making an Effort Monday tomorrow, so let's just do it now, shall we?  Here are a few bows and whatnot I whipped up for the weekend:

ANOTHER new white bow (this time it was the pink antibiotic that stained the last one)
Mini pink bows for pigtails (as seen in the photo above at The Raven) 
 Mini white for pigtails
 Loved the white ribbon rose so much I made a pink one
It looks a little wonky here, but it's a big white flower I made for my hair for the wedding, and it looked good while I wore it, I swear!

THE END.  So tired.  Good night.


  1. I want to Photoshop myself into these pictures because your family is so damn ADORABLE.

  2. That's me, by the way. I go by "alone" for short. Because that's healthy.

  3. HA! I wondered if that was you! Yeah, very healthy. Better than going by "with cats," though. Maybe?

  4. Oh my gosh, your family pic can't get any cuter!!! Josephine is simply adorable!

    "dog shit cake with baby puke frosting" had me laughing till I cried. As did scaring yourself with the marker written on the mirror. LMAO! Too dang funny.


  5. 1) I love your cake making skills. Seriously! Once I tried to make a layer cake for a friend's birthday...let's just say it ended badly. With a very angry me and cake on the wall. I swear, we Italians and our tempers with food!

    2) Your daughter...hell, your entire adorable! Love the pics!

    3)I must learn to make these bows for my goddaughter. Pretty please post a tutorial (or a link to one, if you've done that previously and I missed it)!

  6. 1) Thank you! It took many many tries to figure out the tricks to layering. My first attempt turned into the grand canyon and I panicked and used about 40 toothpicks to stick it back together and frosted over the cracks. It was magical.

    2) Blushing!

    3) Yikes. I'll work on it. It might have to be video since I am so wordy when I try to explain things in writing (hell, you already know that!).


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