Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Baby Advice Needed!

I am having two summer-related baby freak-outs, so I need help, STAT.

Ulcer-inducing issue:  My child is allergic to hypoallergenic baby sunscreen.

I shit you not.  

Even though she was born looking exactly like my husband, and looks more and more like him every day, deep down in my heart of hearts, I knew that there was a little of my DNA in her, and unfortunately it has to be the bad stuff, like being allergic to things that people aren't supposed to be able to be allergic to, like how I am allergic to all sunscreens to varying degrees and Benadryl.  Benadryl, people.  The medicine you take to STOP an allergic reaction.

Anyway, I have been putting very tiny amounts on her and then slapping a hat on her and not taking her in direct sunlight because I was afraid of a bad reaction, but the other day I wanted to take a walk during a very sunny time of day, and I put Coppertone Hypoallergenic Baby sunscreen on her face like a good mom (instead of just her nose, like I had been -- the shame) and HER EYES SWELLED SHUT.  

So, I need suggestions.  What the eff do I use??? 

Problem that isn't necessarily causing an ulcer, but it still consuming some of my precious looking-at-things-on-the-Internet-I-can't-afford time:  What do I do (diaper-wise) for swimming?

I refuse -- STRAIGHT UP refuse -- to buy Little Swimmers swimming diapers.  $5 million for 10 diapers? No thank you.  

I use BumGenius cloth diapers, and I heard a rumor that those are waterproof from the outside so they can be used as swim diapers.  Could this be true?  I need this to be verified or debunked, and if it isn't the case, I need to know what people suggest.

Alright people, get on it!  Help a sister out!


  1. maybe this thread will have some answers on the sunscreen front:

  2. Maybe she's just allergic to all the chemicals and nasty they put in sunscreen these days. Try an all natural kids sunscreen and see if that helps.

    As for the diapers, you can try letting her play in the bath with one of her supposedly water proof diapers to see if they work that way. If they don't, it's just the bath tub, so no worries ;)

  3. I'm not sure what to do about baby sunscreen, but if she's swimming or playing in a pool- I say use one of those water shirts that are sun protective.

    And the little swimmers aren't bad. Honestly. I mean, get coupons or buy them online. If she doesn't pee/poop in them they can be reused. Totally. But if you are just playing in your yard.. who cares? The swimsuit will hold poop. LOL. no big. :)

  4. We have BGs and you can remove the liner and use them as swim diapers, theoretically... but in my experience they don't hold urine in. They will contain poop, which I guess makes them better than nothing?

    They do, however, make reusable swim diapers, and I've heard good things. Bummis is one brand, I think. They're around $15 each, maybe, but probably worth it especially since Little Swimmers are so ridiculously expensive.

  5. YLIDHAG -- Thanks! I got some good ideas!!

    Laura Leane -- Duh. I seriously never would have thought of that! Great idea to test out the diapers!

    SAS -- Love it. Will be utilizing that tip! :)

  6. Arwen -- I found a "reusable" swim diaper for $6 at Meijer, but it just looks like a bathing suit bottom -- I'm not sure how much it will actually do. Thanks for the info on the BGs!

  7. for suncreen i would just use a zinc only sunscreen - no added anything, just a physical block

  8. Sadly, those are only to keep leaks in, not keep water out. Those are for over regular old cloth diapers (the square of fabric you have to pin) or over "big girl/boy underwear" when they are potty training so they don't piss all over your house. The joys of parenting ...


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