Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pinterest Inspirations: Crafts

Okay, I'm officially addicted to Pinterest, and I am not ashamed at ALL.  So far, it has given me some awesome craft inspiration, and I am working on a bunch of these to hopefully get done in time for Josephine's birthday!  Fingers crossed!  

Here is what I am loving this week:

I've also gotten some great party ideas, but I've gotta keep those a SECRET until after the big shindig in August!  I am collecting kid's crafts and activity ideas as well.  Lovin' this Pinterest.

If you have an account, leave me a link and I'll follow you like whoa. (I'm not exactly sure what I meant by that, but I stand by it anyway.)


  1. I'm addicted too. I'm pretty much out of control. Yesterday I spent an hour on there AT WORK and when I looked at the clock I realized I should have been gone like 20 minutes prior. SCARY.

  2. Girl, pintrest is amazing. I am obsessed. Follow me!

  3. I seriously Want to be on Pinterest, but I haven't gotten my invite yet. I'm very impatient.

    I Love that first picture with the squared toy! My daughter would love it. And that maternity shirt?? Fabulous! I'd totally do something like that for my pregnant sister. And that crayon letter. Love it.

    You clearly have great pinterest taste. Also I'm clearly getting too excited about the idea & I'm not even ON Pinterest yet. I'm afraid for how I'll be when I do get in. (which will be soon I hope). Obviously I have to follow you when I do get there.

  4. I know. Super dangerous! I was sitting up in bed looking at crap the other night, then I realized how late it was, put my head on the pillow and my child woke up to eat. FAIL.


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