Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Funtivities for the Fourth

Lord above, did we have a long list of fun-tivities for this long weekend!

1.  Josephine WENT SWIMMING IN A REAL POOL FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER!!  She and I drove up to Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan to visit with my parents, who were staying there for an event, and we checked out the pool situation.

She took a little while to decide how she felt about the gigantic bathtub ...
 But eventually she got into it and was swimming like a pro!

2.  We stayed and partied with Grandpa and Grandma 
 This was the same party as last year when I looked like THIS:

3.  We did a little fist-pumpin'

4.  We learned that helium balloons are awesome-sauce, and it is especially fun when you bash them into the floor over and over again.  Obviously.  

5.  We had to re-arrange and cancel some weekend plans due to an emergency animal situation.  Our sweet baby Cleo had some stomach issues and after I cried my eyes out for the three days and two nights she was in the hospital, we narrowly escaped a surgery, and GOT OUR SWEET GIRL BACK!
She went right back to her job of taking care of her baby.  AND, we only had to pay the vet eleventy-million dollars, so ... awesome.  But worth it.  We are so lucky she is home safe and sound.

6.  We decided the best way to view Elmo's World is in the utmost leisure.  Why sit when you can lounge?

7.  We took another day trip, this time to Jeremy's parents', and Jeremy (and Cleo) got to come too.

8.  While there, Josephine taught her Gramps how to properly use tools.

8.  We went in ANOTHER POOL!!!!!  This time, at Great-Gran's house, and in a FLOATY!  It was the bee's knees.

9.  We learned that Josephine laughs so hard she chokes a little when her cousin Harrison jumps over plants.  Because, you know, that is the COOLEST THING EVER, much like ANYTHING Harrison does.

10.  I spent hours and HOURS calming Cleo and assuring her that the fireworks would not harm her, while her head was thrust under my bed and she got so nervous she farted.  

11.  I discovered that while the dog is terrified of the fireworks, MoJo the cat now loves them.  He checked every window until he found the best view, and sat there all night watching them.  
This is much like how MoJo used to be afraid of the vacuum, but when he saw that Cleo was afraid of the vacuum, that cat has never once flinched at the sight or sound of the vacuum.  

11.  We had lots of fun, and hope you did too. 


  1. I'm just gonna put it out there - you are GORGEOUS!! And so is your family!

  2. Melanie!!! Dude. I think I love you. Especially after I put that pregnant toga party picture up! :)

  3. i LOVE all the family photos! and all those damn swimming pools only made a little* jealous while i swelter away her on my couch.


  4. Looks like you had a blast! So glad your pup is ok, I know exactly how it feels to spend stupid sums of money on the furbabies :)

  5. Hey! I'm on the blog! (Well, the picture I took of you and Josephine...with your camera...okay. I'm sorta on the blog.)

  6. Hey, send me your favorite picture of yourself and I'll put it on the blog! Then you'll be totally famous. ;)

  7. Yeah, seriously -- it's either our cars breaking down or our animals getting sick. Can't live without either!!

  8. Aww, thanks TILTE. Don't worry, it wasn't very refreshing to only go in up to your waist in 100 degree weather. Sometimes being the mom is not so cool (pun).


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