Wednesday, April 4, 2012

19 Weeks. Boo-yah!

Hang onto your panties, because I have the shortest pregnancy update of all time!

I am 19 weeks, the big ultrasound is next Wednesday (eep!) and I finally felt real, sustained, movement from that little baybay in there!

I have been feeling the little *poofs* of "Wait! Was that something? That was something! Oh, it's gone." for weeks, but last night after I got home from teaching my night class, I felt *tap tap tap tappity tap* in there, and it lasted long enough to get Jeremy to feel a few of the stronger ones! Yay baby! 

I had been having a really hard time the past few weeks because the nausea was pretty much gone but I hadn't been able to feel movement, and you can convince yourself of some pretty crazy things when you are hormonal. I mean, I could just be FAT, right? Are we SURE I'm pregnant? Well, the actual baby kicks and the picture below provide us with the evidence we need.

Yup, preggers. 

For about five weeks now, I have also been concerned because I was so much smaller than I was in my first pregnancy. That changed in the past week. This was a week of growing and stretching and OHMYGOD kid, couldn't you just grow in tiny increments instead of these big spurts? If he/she is on schedule, that little Baby X is probably now about six inches from head to rump (Ha. Rump.). You go, Baby X!

In other random update news, I have been trying SO HARD to just not think about baby names since it will be much less of a brain pain once we learn the gender and can focus on girl or boy names, but I just can't stop myself. I have been obsessing. 

Also, I don't want to get presumptuous or anything, but if this baby comes early like Josie did (and there's a good chance of that), then I am more than halfway to the 37 week mark (when J made her appearance). Woot!

One week left to log your gender predictions! I put it on my facebook status too, and only like five people guessed. I guess my friends and family are all hiding me on the newsfeed because I talk about Josephine too much. :)

Okay, I guess that wasn't the shortest update of all time AT ALL, but it was short for a verbose lady such as myself. 

Later gators,


  1. You're obviously so pumped about all of this, it's awesome.

    I'm obviously pumped about it FOR you, so you know, that's awesome too.

    And touche, rump is quite a word.

    BABY NAMES oh my. I bought my first baby name book YEARS ago, and I'm not even planning on having kids for at LEAST another five years.... but I have names, oh do I have names.

    I figure it's a smart thing, because if I've managed to like these names for quite a while, and continue to like them until I have a rascal, then hopefully I'll never experience "name regret" or whatever that is that I keep reading about on baby name forums.

    Longest. comment. of. life. sorry!

    1. Oh, I've had baby name books and lists since Elementary school. Here's the two evil things that can ruin all your best-laid plans:

      1. You have to make a baby who likes those names as well (I didn't) or be prepared to just fill out the birth certificate when he's in the bathroom, knowing full well he HATES the name. Trust me, I considered it, but in the end, I REALLY wanted a name that we both LOVED. Hardest thing.

      2. You will have a name. You will love it. It will be perfect in every way. Then you will say it out loud to your big fat belly and realize, with a shock, that it is not YOUR baby's name. Then you will cry and cry and eat ice cream and cry and burn your baby name books and buy new baby name books and start over.

      Good luck naming yours! :)

      (Heh.) Also -- longest. reply. of. life.

  2. Lookin' good mama! I have no list of baby names. I know almost every single girl does, but I totally do not. Andy likes the name Gretchen for a girl. GRETCHEN. WTF.

  3. Whoop! Less than a week to go! Ohhh it's so exciting! It is incredibly amazing once you feel those little kicks and jabs for the first time. Makes your heart melt. It is, without a doubt, the best (if not the only good part!) of pregnancy. Picking out a name is so fun. There was no way I could wait to find out the sex before playing the name game. I had a top 5 favorites list for boy and girl the second I found out I was pregnant. :)


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