Sunday, April 8, 2012

Obligatory Easter Re-cap

Today was Easter! Yay! 

We started the day with some rousing non-Easter activities, like vacuuming:

and instructing dad to move the easel into the "good light" overlooking the back yard:

Then, of course, I dressed her all up, even though we weren't headed out of the house, and let her see the bounty that came from me and her two grandmas (who SPOIL her) :)

I wasn't going to "do" eggs this year, but then at the last second I bought some on sale and made them into alphabet and number matching eggs.

I know some of you might be rolling your eyes right now. I know they are not in her skill set at one-and-a-half, and I don't expect her to have learned all her letters by next week. It was something I was planning to do when she was older, but she has been OBSESSED with words and letters lately, so I figured, what the hey?

I didn't bother to put anything in them (Because come on, really? She's not even two.), then tossed a few around the room for her to "find."

They turned out to be a hit! She would "find" one (hidden in plain sight), shriek "BALL!" (everything round is a ball, and by extension, delightful) and then immediately followed that with a "THANK YOU!" And repeated that about a million times, because hey, once you set an egg down and walk away, you can find it again as many times as you want if there are no other kids to snatch it away from you!

She had a lot of fun roaming around and slowly looking at the eggs and gathering them up, as well as exploring all the little goodies the baskets had to offer.

Then I tried to take a photo of her sitting and looking darling. Not so much.

 Still running
 "You want a pose? I'll give you a pose!"
 "Seriously. Quit following me!"

It turns out she wanted to return to her easel, with the help of her new bunny.

Then demanded her dress and socks be removed ... but her dress shoes put back on. Diaper, dress shoes, and bunny ears. All she needed was to add her blanket as a cape and she was back to her art.

You can't help it when you have the sensibilities of an artist! You can't be corralled! 

Hopefully your Easter celebrations were lovely, however you chose to celebrate! 


  1. You should share some of her works of art. I bet they are glorious.

    1. Oh, you bet your bippy they are glorious! Ha!

  2. So she's wearing her underwear, dress shoes and bunny ears? Oh Veroooonnnnniiccaaaaa......

    Just kidding. I'm a poop, I know. Couldn't resist the playboy joke, okay? :)

    In more appropriate comment territory, her dress is darling and I'm glad she had such a great Easter.

    1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which is why I specifically skipped other pictures that showed her chosen get-up. Sigh. Then again, my little brother once dressed up in my mom's nylons, and they showed that picture to EVERYONE.


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