Thursday, April 19, 2012

And Then I Realized I Spent Josie's Entire Nap Chatting and Online (Window) Shopping*

My little sister and I, discussing Josephine's symptoms and trying to decide if she is REALLY sick or just a little under the weather. 

(Victoria had just gotten off the phone with us)

*Also, what do we call it when you are looking at stuff you want to buy online, and then you add it to your cart and everything, and are SO CLOSE to buying it, but then you're like, NO! STAY STRONG! and you don't spend the money? Can we still call that "window shopping"? Or what? Please get back to me on this, ASAP.


  1. Ah yes, the "put it in the cart, then close the tab syndrome." It is great until the company emails you and says, "Look, you forgot to check out."

  2. You're viewing it in a browser window, correct? Ergo, window shopping!!!

  3. Earning her keep.... amazing.

    For me, that kind of shopping is called "I will give in within a day" shopping.


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