Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You're Only a (Very Long) Day Away!

Tomorrow is the big ultrasound! If you want to cast a last-minute vote on the right, be sure to, because tomorrow morning is your last chance.

This ultrasound is consuming my thoughts ... except for the fact that I have lots and lots of prep to do for teaching my class tonight (that I put off all week because I was feeling so dreadful) and Josie is on day two of cranking it to the maximum and needing lots of extra attention (although nothing I do is what she wants me to do and OMG the TEARS) and both my eyes are twitching, but WHATEVER. 

As I was typing that, Josie looked me right in the eye and did some sort of crazy roundhouse kick that somehow got her leg stretched out enough to knock over the huge glass of water sitting in the dead center of the coffee table (surrounded by remote controls for the TV and surround sound and a magazine I didn't get a chance to read). WTH, am I right?

If I could just go back to bed and not get up until the ultrasound Wednesday morning ... ahhh, a girl can dream.


  1. I vote girl. Sorry. ;)

    I remember when I went to Jackson's ultrasound and they said boy- Olivia burst into tears and told Matt to fix him. HAHA. Then, when he was 6 months old (she was 3) she asked why we don't just cut off his dangly thingie. Yeah, that was a fun conversation.

    1. Bahaha! I'm hoping that one of the positives of having the baby when Josie is only two is that she won't be able to verbalize her jealousies and dislikes that well yet! ;)


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