Tuesday, February 23, 2010

UTI: Attracting Students One Infection at a Time

I have been seeing a commercial for this school a lot lately, and I react the exact same way every time I see it.  

Here, you tell me what you think:

UTI.  This school is actually called UTI.  And they CHOSE the name themselves.  And they refer to themselves by this acronym.

Really, UTI people?  You're okay with that?  You have no problem with people thinking of burning when you pee when they think of your Institute of learning?  

Weird.  Urinary Tract Infections do NOT make me think about kick-starting my career in the automotive industry.

Why not just name it the Superior Technical Institute so it can be STI (which, of course, is a Sexually Transmitted Infection.  Because did you know that you aren't supposed to call it a sexually transmitted disease anymore?  Too much stigma.  Read a book, people.  Also, do YOU know a word that means school but starts with a "D"?  Neither do I.)  

Anyway, back on track here, if you named a school STI, then at least people would also be able to think of good things, like sexy time, while they are also being forced to think about burning when you pee.

I can see it now ...

Bob:  Hey dude, what's up?

Carl:  Not much, Bob.  You?

Bob:  You'll never believe it.  I found a college.  And I got accepted!

Carl:  You?  College?  But we're just not the college types.  You know that!  What's so special about this place?

Bob:  I don't know.  I just heard the name, and I knew that STI would be the place for me.

Carl:  STI?  It sounds ... awesome.  Like, totally a place I would want to be.  

Bob:  I know, weird, right?  You just hear the name, and a good feeling washes over you.

Carl:  Exactly.  I feel tingly.

Bob:  Well, let's get YOU an application, too, dude!

I actually think I'm onto something here: subliminal messages in college acronyms.  I await my check from the soon-to-be-instated Superior Technical Institute.  


  1. "We're not college types" I love it.

  2. I just have to say... I think this EVERY time I see this ad!!!!

  3. Jeremy -- I was hoping you would like that!

    Amanda -- I know!! I sometimes even convince myself that I am having UTI symptoms! I am very susceptible to advertising.

  4. That's ok, I think my friend went to the Sam Houston Institute of Technology.

  5. You always make me laugh!! And I mean that in a good way.
    BTW aren't you glad that they aren't called "Venereal Diseases" anymore, Mrs. VD??

  6. My husband has a mechanic in his shop that is a UTI graduate. Top of his class. I think about burning pee every time I see the kid...


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