Saturday, February 6, 2010

Etsy Saturdays: V

In support of the handmade revolution, I bring you Etsy Saturdays!  I will highlight a fun new shop every week, and I hope you will stop over to see their merchandise or find something else you love while you're there.  To see all Etsy Saturdays, click here.
*I have not been compensated in any way for this post*

This week's artist made me laugh, which, in general, is the key to my heart.  Trixie Delicious "vandalizes" vintage pieces of china and gives them a little extra sass and pizazz.  Just the way I like it.

This is the teacup that caught my eye and made me do a spit-take with my tea:
Slut teacup

And this would be a hilarious wedding gift:
Sinner Saint teacup duo

And a lovely addition to any home:
Nerd Dork snack bowls 


  1. I love it! I was just about to write a post about some weird shit I've found on Etsy-- but this is good different.

  2. the slut cup makes me poop and pee.

  3. Kim -- I definitely find some scary shit on Etsy too. Stuff that gives me nightmares. *shiver*

    MODG -- I know! I keep thinking about it randomly and giggling!

  4. Veronica, if you were looking for a gift to get me this summer to mark my first year working at BC, look no further than that slut tea cup...

  5. Oh my god I am going to buy the Slut-cup. That is incredible.

  6. the slut cup makes me poop and pee.


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