Monday, April 11, 2011

Making An Effort Monday

In an effort to make more of the things I love -- good food, pretty things, and organized spaces -- I bring you Making An Effort Monday!

Okay, it's not new and exciting, but here are the results of my crafty-time this week.  You guessed it: MORE BOWS!

This one is made with ribbon Josephine picked out all by herself and she loved so much that she held it one inch from her mouth and did her "excited scream" the rest of the time we were in the store.

I made this one to go with a big pink frilly dress Grandma bought her, but I am not loving how the clip doesn't match.  Note to self:  working with organza ribbon is not ideal.

I made this one for opening day (Go Tigers!) but I know she will have plenty of Tigers outfits over the years we will have to coordinate with!

I made this to replace the slightly wonky one from last week.

I made this one specifically to go with her new tutu from Grandma.

Josie got some new purple stretch pants from Grandma, so we needed something purple.

I looked all over the dang place for a navy ribbon that would match this outfit:
But no luck, so we needed something preppy and classic to match.

And finally, I love zebra and hot pink together.  So sue me.

Next, I decided to make something to hold her growing collection of bows.  TA DA!

It was nice and super cheap, too.

I used ...
about one-third of a roll of ribbon I got for $1 -- $0.34 rounded up :)
ring from an old key chain at the top so it can hang -- FREE
four pennies glued in the bottom as a weight to keep the ribbon straight -- $0.04

total -- $0.38!  Yay me!

Brag about your own efforts in the comments! 


  1. So, I'm really late at getting around to all my blog reading this week (obviously), but it's for a good cause! My mom and I (and the husband too, a bit) cleaned out my ENTIRE office/junk room this past weekend.

    Also, I have cooked something/packed the husband a lunch every night this week. That's a big X in the "win" column for me!


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