Friday, March 5, 2010

Pimping Sara

Okay, I had a fantastic story all ready to share with you.  And this story also contains very important FACTS for you to learn and remember and live by. But I will have to save that gem, because today is the last day to enter Sara's giveaway.  Also, Sara threatened me PERSONALLY and said I must enter or she would eat my baby.  Or something like that.  Don't quote me.

You don't know who Sara is?  HA!  Sara, over at Sara's Organized Chaos, is basically my twin separated at birth.  She is anal about her organization and cleaning, she curses like a sailor, she makes fun of people from all walks of life, and she lets it all hang out in her blog.  Well, she is a little better at the being honest and letting it all hang out part.  There, I had to be honest.  I am working on it, thanks to Sara, who has inspired me to edit myself a little less, even though people I love (hi mom!) and people I work with (hi Katie!) and people I know in real life (hi Amanda!) and people who are unfortunate enough to be related to me by marriage (hi Kayla!) ALL read this blog. Thanks to her, I think I am going to let the freak flag fly a little more around here.

Not that Sara is a freak.  Oh, Jesus.  Now I'll never win this damn giveaway. How can I redeem myself?  Umm, Sara is super-awesome!  And she reads a lot, so that means she is smart and classy.  And she has children, so that means she is a ... mom.

Okay, if you haven't yet discovered the genius that is Sara, head over there now!  Please and thank you.  (See, I can be a classy bitch, too.)


  1. I won't eat your baby now. (Me handing you the sacrificial bag of baby you gave me a few hours ago). I also am going to remove the bombs from your car a little later. ;)

  2. I might have to check her out.


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