Saturday, March 13, 2010

Etsy Saturdays: VIII

In support of the handmade revolution, I bring you Etsy Saturdays!  I will highlight a fun new shop every week, and I hope you will stop over to see their merchandise or find something else you love while you're there.  To see all Etsy Saturdays, click here.

I am strictly a liquid soap kind of girl, but lately I have been seriously yearning for some pretty bars of soap.  Maybe I'll buy a soap dish and everything!

A browse through Etsy turns up TONS of gorgeous handmade soaps, but I love So Stinking Sweet's Shop.

This soap is so ornate and reminds me of the soap my grandma always had in her bathroom.  I also LOVE both water lily and jasmine ...
Water Lily and Jasmine Shea Butter Soap

This soap sounds amazing: "this fragrance combines wild berries and mandarin, honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine.  Embodied with the aroma of amber, caramel, sandalwood, vanilla, and praline."  Yum ...
Juicy Couture Type Soap with Shea Butter

I think my niece would DIE to have this soap in her bathroom! ...
Waterlily Jasmine Decorative Soap with Shea Butter

And finally ... BUBBLE GUM scented soap!  I would have to remind myself not to sniff my hands all day! ...
Bubble Luscious Shea Butter  Soap

Since soap is a necessity, make it fun and head over to So Stinking Sweet's shop!


  1. Nice! I bet they smell good enough to eat! lol I'll have to go check the shop out. For Christmas I found this shop and I got my son some soap in the shape of legos, cool huh!? The shop is Redneck Candles and they specialize in candles, but make cute little soaps too. Thanks for the shop info! :)


  2. I'd love to buy some of these, but i'm not sure of the rules about shipping soap overseas? I wonder if it's classed as flamable. I'll have to look into it. I've not found anywhere in Oz that do 'Fancy' soaps yet.

  3. Becca -- lego soap! CUTE! I found a shop that does controllers for all the game consoles ([0]=tags&includes[1]=title). It is a riot.

    Martyn -- good question. I bet if it's under a certain amount then it is okay.


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