Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Day of My Husband's Birth

Today is my adorable husband's birthday.  While he thinks I make fun of him on this blog, I am certain that the things I share about him make you all love and adore him.  But you CAN'T HAVE HIM, SO BACK OFF! 

Anyway, loving my husband.

He is the kindest, nicest, sweetest guy on the planet.  Like, people who know him say the same things, and it's not just me, who's head-over-heels in love, who thinks that.  I have never met someone who disliked him, and I have a feeling that it will never happen.  He's just a nice guy.

He is adorable.  I mean, look at this face:

He is HILARIOUS. He is one of the funniest people I know.  He makes my family laugh, he makes our friends laugh, he makes strangers laugh.  He can always make me laugh, and some days after work we just sit and talk and laugh for hours and I actually get an ab workout.  Really, there is rarely a dull moment when Jeremy is around.  He is the life of the party and the guy you want to have around.

He loves his family.  He is very close to his entire family, and he would be there for them in a heartbeat.  He is best friends with his brothers, has more respect for his parents than anyone I have ever met, adores his sister, and is close to all of extended family as well. 

I love seeing the love they have for each other, and it also makes me realize that he will be that loving and loyal to me and the family we create.  He is going to be an amazing father, and I can't wait to see him with our daughter.  I know she will love him just as much as I do.

Not only does he love his family, but he loves mine.  And they are CRAZY about him!!  My brother and sisters love him, my parents always tell me "You found a good one!" and my nieces and nephews adore him.  Because my family adores him so completely, it makes my heart melt to know that he loves them right back.  He is just as loyal to my parents and siblings as he would be to his own.

He is a great friend.  He is obviously my best friend, but he also has a great group of guys he keeps around.  He makes time for his boys, and when I get to see it, it is always enjoyable!  When I don't get to see it ... well, I am certain they have a good time without me!

He doesn't take life for granted.  He appreciates all the little things in life, and he doesn't expect things to be handed to him.  Not only is he brilliant, but he is a hard worker and a devoted person.  When he does something, he does it right. 

Life will not pass him by; he will live every moment of it and appreciate what he has and what he has made for himself and his family.

He tells me every day that I am beautiful and amazing, and he makes me believe it about myself.  He also tells me all the time that I smell good, and I totally appreciate that.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he puts up with me and my antics.  He lets me be crazy and unruly, he lets me over-react to things, he soothes me when I am being overdramatic, and he is generally a good sport about the over-sharing that takes place on this blog.

I love you.  Happy birthday.


  1. Interesting post..This is what marriage is all about...Cheers!

  2. My favorite post thus far. You truly are one lucky gal. I can picture your daughter growing up telling everyone that her hero is her daddy....and meaning it.

    <3 Becca

  3. um, so i dont actually know you, but i've been stalking your blog for like two months, and this pretty much made me cry. i love how happy you are your family is going to be even more amazing when your baby gets here! this was awesome. =)

  4. Awwwww :) Yay for you finding someone you feel that way about!

  5. Thanks, everyone! I am very lucky!

    and, anonymous -- I love stalkers. Get a name and a profile and become and follower and we can be online besties. :)

  6. when I read this post yesterday (on my phone since I have no internets yet) I started planning a comment filled with mockery.
    then I kinda got misty eyed reading the whole thing.
    so now I can't even make fun of you.


  7. I love how gracious you are about your husband. I think its fantastic that you share such a sweet relationship. Good luck with the baby!!

  8. I love how gracious you are about your husband. I think its fantastic that you share such a sweet relationship. Good luck with the baby!!


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