Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's that time, ladies and germs:  Time to announce the winner of my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember when I reviewed the book I Am Hutterite and said one of you could get it in the mail for FREE from yours truly?  Well, I did, and if you didn't enter, then shame on you.

The giveaway rules were simply to leave a comment and tell me why you would be a great cult leader.  I got some good responses, but my favorite was from Smart Ass Sara:

So congrats to Smart Ass Sara, and to the rest of you ... I still love you, even though I am not sending you a book in the mail.


  1. Olivia has packed her spray away and Jackson is now taking his shoes off. Lenny is currently humping his green blanket and Rosie is a wild card. I just don't know what she's ever going to do. It's like housing a serial killer and coming home to see part of a person in your blender. You just don't know. Email me so I can email you my deets lover. slinkies_r_us AT hotmail DOT com

  2. Holy shiz SAS!!! You win EVERYTHING!!! Me thinks you should be called a Congrats!!!! Ms.ChunkyMonkey, congrats on a successful giveaway!


  3. Haha, she kind of is a giveaway whore, isn't she? Must be a pretty grand life!


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