Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yes, Yes It DOES Work Like That

I have just gotten Josephine to sleep, made some coffee and sat down to grade some papers. Jeremy is watching some building show.  Ask This Old House, maybe?  I hear a noise.

Veronica:  Oh no!  Is that Josephine crying??
Jeremy:  No, I think it's just a wolf.
Veronica:  A WOLF, Jeremy?*  If you don't want to go get her, just say so, and I will go get her. Geez. You don't have to make things up!
Jeremy:  Nooo. There was a wolf howling on that commercial.
Veronica:  Oh.  Yelling redacted.
Jeremy:  It doesn't work like that.

*We live in a crowded city with nary a wolf in a 100-mile radius.  

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