Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots of (Very) Important Information

Just when you thought you had learned all of my weird ways when I fessed up about the button obsession (P.S.  Thanks to all the nice folks who supported me in my button-y ways), let me remind you about this:  Remember how I wrote that post in 2009 about the Kit Kat flavors in Japan?  You don't?  Okay, well I DID.  However, the other night, on a whim, I decided to zazz it up a bit, and I added THIRTY freaky flavors to the list!

Clicky-Clicky to see the pretty kit kats

Along the way, I found two cool blogs, Japanese Snack Reviews and Jen Ken's Kit Kat Blog.  These are the people in the trenches, eating all the flavors and rating them for you.  Well done.

Since I am in an updating mood, do you remember Josephine's Books?  Have you commented to add to my list?  DO IT!  Tell me about books I need for my wee one.  

Click to add to the list

Finally, since my public clearly demands it, I will continue with the Etsy Saturdays.  I think they're fun, and as long as you're not sick of seeing them, I will keep them coming.  ALSO, if you have a shop, have a friend with a shop, or have a favorite shop, shoot me a link at veronicachunkymonkey {at} gmail {dot} com.  No promises that I will get to them all, but I wouldn't mind some suggestions! 

Thanks, Internet friends!

XOXO Veronica

P.S.  I haven't gotten any buttons in the mail yet, and Ed was the only one to offer so far.  I wasn't joking.  Sooo ... chop chop.

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  1. My neighbor at work has a friend in Japan and she send him all different kinds of kit-kats. I think the aloe one was the weirdest I've seen so far.


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