Thursday, March 17, 2011

Based on a True Story

Jeremy: *walking in the door from work*  Hey babe, how was your day?
Veronica:  Name ANY item in this house.
Jeremy:  ... Why?
Veronica:  Because I can GUARANTEE Josephine spit up on it today.
Jeremy:  Oh ... yikes ... I'm sorry you had a bad day ...
Veronica:  Are you slowly walking backwards?
Jeremy:  No, no, not at all!  HAHAHAHAAA!  You're so silly, silly!
Veronica:  You ARE!  Get back in here.
Jeremy:  I think I hear your phone.
Veronica:  No, it's right here *holds up silent phone*.
Jeremy:  Oh, HAHAHAHA.  It must be MY phone.
Veronica:  Noooo, your phone is in your hand and it isn't ringing.  And why are you laughing like that?
Jeremy:  *cups hand over ear; yells over his shoulder* Oh, okay.  I'll be right there!
Veronica:  Jeremy.  *sigh*  We are the only people living in this house, remember?
Jeremy:  *mumbles incoherently and runs out door*
Veronica:  You'll never get away with this!

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