Friday, March 4, 2011

I Always Suspected the Internet Had Some Magics

Okay, I am one of those moms who signs up for e-mails from places like and so they can tell me helpful things every week, even though they are almost ALWAYS things I have already read or asked the doctor about.  That's okay, it makes me feel better. Usually they send me things that are still helpful, because they are based on Josephine's age.  I generally get things like:

Ahh, yes,  Josephine IS in her third week of being six months old.  This information is good for me to know. Thank you BabyCenter.

HOWEVER, for the past week, I have been getting some very different e-mails.  Some e-mails that have me a little concerned about what the Internet knows about me ... 

 Ummmmmm ... why would I be thinking about baby names?  WHY is there a picture of a pregnant lady in this e-mail?
Firsts?  Bringing baby home?  Taking baby out for the first time??  I already DID these things!  Am I about to do them AGAIN??

Could it be TRUE???  I am pregnant and the INTERNET knows before I do?*  My advice for you, loyal readers:  Start paying more attention to your inbox.  Who knows.  The Internet might be trying to tell you something.

*NO, Jeremy.  I am not pregnant.  SERIOUSLY.  Stop hyperventilating at work.  They frown on that.  Trust me.  Every time I have hyperventilated or cried at work, people seemed really freaked out.  So, no.  Once again -- no baby in the belly.  Carry on.


  1. Isn't "paying attention to your Inbox" how you get pregnant in the first place?

  2. Oh man. I had those emails and then after Olivia hit 8 months I unsubscribed. Mostly because they were crazy and I figured oh what the hell- this kid is doing stuff on her schedule anyways- she can't read and see she's being lazy and says so.


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