Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ad Executives Made Me Do It

Okay, I am having a total moral dilemma here.  It is nothing terribly interesting (meaning it does not involve porn, handicapable individuals, wedding vows, or even prostitution).  Nope, it just involves mice.

I have a HUGE issue with kill traps for ANY animal, no matter where they fall on the pest spectrum (0 being this and 10 being this).

There are no-kill traps available.  And then when you catch said mouse in your no-kill trap, you can just drive the mouse out to the country.  And leave it at a farm.  Like, a really awesome farm with an old lady who makes pies and wears aprons and is roughly 68-76 years old and wears rose perfume and puts her pies on the windowsill to cool.  Or something.

Right.  I hate mouse traps.  So why, oh why, cruel world, do I love THIS eva so much?


  1. Ahahaha! Those are great!

    I hate normal snap traps because they're so gross to clean up. Gimme the ol' black box o' death any day.

  2. its that guy who plays the dynamic!

  3. I agree, plus having to see something poor and helpless, while totally obnoxious, suffer is just so heartbreaking!

  4. I have to say I love those commercials. They're so funny. I prefer no kill myself - thankfully our cat has protected us from any unwanted visitors!

  5. its that guy who plays the dynamic!


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