Saturday, December 5, 2009

But I Love YOU, Pine Trees!

Today was a magical, wonderful day. I went to my VERY FIRST tree farm and got my VERY FIRST live Christmas tree.

My poor father is very allergic to pine needles, so we always rocked the artificial tree. Jeremy always had real trees, and we were excited to get our first tree. 

Jeremy was kind enough to research tree farms and then roll me out of bed early this morning so we could beat the crowds of idiots.

He was not, however, prepared for me to start crying and say that we couldn't get our FIRST TREE on our FIRST CHRISTMAS AS A MARRIED COUPLE without pictures to commemorate the event, and my camera, sadly, was resting in peace. So, we went and bought a camera. But they are on sale now, and I REALLY need a camera for my life make sense, so I am not sorry. 

Plus, I got all of this FINE photographic evidence!!:

Jeremy, with the saw and wagon, as we head out into the frozen tundra to find the tree of our dreams

There was not much snow on the ground and it was very bright out, but it was C-O-L-D! Yuck.

Next, Jeremy took the camera and turned it on me. I asked him what I should be doing, and he told me to "act natural." I KINDLY reminded him that it is in NO way natural for me to voluntarily be outdoors when it dips below 45 degrees.

So, I guess this is me being natural. Outside. In the cold. Surrounded by pine trees.

It actually didn't take us very long to find "the tree," so, Jeremy hacked away, and we were good to go.



Pleased with his handywork

I was proud of my choice to go to the "Scotch Pine" section. 

As you can see, our tree is a traditional species, has excellent needle retention, and is excellent for extended display. Excellent.

The ride back to the cashier

Aww. Our first tree tag. And look, we are BARGAIN shoppers!

Tied to the roof ... the question is, will it stay there?

But it DID stay tied to the roof!  Next, we had to get it standing up straight. Ummm. Kind of more difficult than we anticipated. Turns out the trunk was a BIT wonky and crooked. 

Cleo was super excited to see the tree in the living room. Here, she is licking Jeremy's face like mad.

MoJo helps Jeremy check out the problem

About then is when we realized that I, too, may be allergic to those little pine needles that were now taking over my home. I realized this might be the case when I was wondering why my arms felt like they had been set on fire and I pulled up my sleeves to see a red dot in every single place a needle had touched me and hives forming. Awesome.

Not the best photographic evidence, but my vampire skin does not photograph well, okay?

About one minute later, I realized that the lights I got on clearance last year were such an awesome deal because they were white lights on WHITE strands, not green, and looked DIS-GUS-TING on the tree. So what did I do? What any rational person does: I cried that Christmas was ruined.

We had already been in and out of like 15 stores that day, and I was exhausted and just wanted to decorate the tree, and my arm was on FIRE, damnit!!

So Jeremy quietly left the house to buy acceptable lights, and I hung the stockings. With care.

Can you guess which is mine and which is Jeremy's?

Here wife. Will this stop the howling and sobbing?

It did. We put on the lights and began to decorate our lovely tree.

Look, a picture of me! (and MoJo in the background. Creeper.)

MoJo wonders "Is this made of REAL Santa?"

And then the star ...

... and the reveal.

And I only broke two bulb ornaments.  

Then I promptly fell asleep on the couch. For four hours.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Great story and loved the pictures! You had me itching.

  2. A Christmas tree farm with snow!? How lovely :D

    BTW, your walls are awesome colors.

  3. Bite your tongue, Steph!! You can look at PICTURES of Christmas tree farms with snow if you want lovely. :)

    Thanks! I just found the template!

  4. Very pretty tree! Ours is totally random and overpowered by all sorts of assorted dog ornaments. :)

  5. a couple years ago we went to a tree farm in ann arbor, we took our dogs and it was a good time. there is nothing like cutting down your own tree!

  6. A Christmas tree farm with snow!? How lovely :D

    BTW, your walls are awesome colors.


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